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Sports Development

Cross Cutting Agendas in Sport

Dafydd James

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Sports Development

Cross Cutting Agendas in Sport Sports Development Re-Cap What is a cross-cutting agenda? Task Design an Anti-Crime/Drug or Health Promotion Sports Development Project Key pieces of information your project needs to include....... #hcsportdev All must - Identify examples and benefits of cross cutting agendas in sports development Most should - Apply the characteristics of these agendas in to a project of your own Some could - Identify the agenda, key outcomes and barriers of the project you have created Starter Activity Schools in Hawaii introducing Surfing into curriculum If you could introduce any sport or activity into the curriculum, what would it be, and why? Use the key words like a jigsaw to create your project Aims/Outcomes Who will you target? What is your key message? Sporting Activity Partnerships Street Games 'The aim of each Street Games project is to be sustainable and become part of the fabric of the community.' 'Build stronger and safer communities, champion social action and volunteering, as well as improving health and well-being' Aim/Mission Statement Making Sense of Sports - Ellis Cashmore Mission Statement 13 - 17 Year Olds Off the street Raise awareness of ...... Work in partnership with...... Volunteers from local college Competitive Games Football Netball Street Dance Fair Play Respect Youth Clubs Intervention Sports Development projects can have other AGENDAS apart from SPORT. Social and CULTURAL aims can be prioritised to promote issues relating to HEALTH promotion, CRIME and drug AWARENESS Anti-Crime/Drug 'You don't always get what you wish for, you get what you work for'
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