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prison as a mind-tuning architecture

No description

Cassie Qian

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of prison as a mind-tuning architecture

Reducing Mental Pressure in Prison Through Architecture Prison as a mind-tuning Architecture Mentally disturbed environment

Expecting prison expansion Why Prison? “We feel pleasure and protection when the body discovers its resonance in space.” (Pallasmaa, 2006:36) Punishment?
Rehabilitation? What is the purpose of prison? Before 16th Century 18th Century 16th Century 20th Century Development of Prison Justice and Detention Center in Leoben
& Halden Fengsel Prison Case studies Research shows almost all of the current prisoners will re-enter society sometime in the future, whether on release or on parole. It becomes essential to rehabilitate criminals and prepare them for the day of re-entry. In a sense, the effectiveness of rehabilitation in a prison should be no less crucial than the effectiveness of incarceration. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has recently tabled a tough-on-crime bill (Bill C-10), which is expected to significantly increase the number of inmates in prison if passed. The conservative party have planned to invest 2 billion dollars for prison expansion across Canada, adding 2,700 cell rooms to house inmates. Prisons had been perceived as horror place for punishing evil doers throughout history. The wall of a prison is like a barrier between good and evil. Criminals often leave prison in a worse mental condition than when they entered. Ottawa, ON Project - Girl Juvenile Prison Plans Design Bastoy Island Prison In Europe Youth are more vulnerable to mental stress than adults.
Women react to environment differently from men, and they are much more sensitive to the surrounding environment, and more likely to become mentally ill in a harsh prison setting.
Habits and needs of girls are often overlooked. St. Laurent & Innes Rd. Site 15 acres in the Cyrville Industrial park region, near the intersection with three other Ottawa neighborhoods, Riverview, Alta Vista, and Sheffield Glen. Approximately 5 acres will be dedicated to this project. New roads would be built to access this site.

On the south, just minutes away from the site, is the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Prison Layout Living Unit - Ground Floor Living Unit - Second Floor Prison Plan Living Unit - Back Elevation Living Unit - Front Elevation Living Unit - Section Living Unite - Section View from guard's office Second floor hall Second floor living area Dining room Double bedroom Renderings Elevations Sections Shifting between different environments is essential to the mental well being of inmates. The layout of this juvenile prison is separated into 4 major environments: living, studying, administrative support, and outdoor activity. Zoning Bizhou Qian Cage Dungeons Workhouse Rectangular Layout Circular Layout - Panopticon Radial Layout Campus Layout - Supermax Prison in U.S.A.
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