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Section 11.3 solving radicals (alg.)

No description

Kristina Galuk

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Section 11.3 solving radicals (alg.)

Solving Radical Equations
Section 11.3
(1) You need to isolate the radical to one side
4 / x - 7 + 12 = 28
3 /x - 6 = 0
Squaring both sides of an equation can introduce a solution to the squared equation that does not satisfy the original equation
Extraneous solution:
/21 - x - /1 - x = 0
Last one:
Steps to solve a radical equation...
(2) Square both sides of an equation ----- (if two expressions are equal, then their squares are equal.)
(3) Solve for variable
/3x - 17 = /x + 21
Solve a radical equation:
/6-x = x
How can we solve?
How did we get x alone?
x = 81
How would we get x alone here?
x = 3
This is called an....
(4) Always plug solution back in to check it...
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