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No description

Marielle Thumann

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Comm

Hip-Hop is a culture of music and self expression with elements that consisted of the elements of graffiti art, DJing, MCing, and breaking.

Hip-hop is a form of expression for suppressed individuals living in low income neighborhoods. Helps to promote political awareness. Lupe Fiaso's song "Baba Says Cool for Thought," which discusses the fallout from Hurricane Katrina and is a plea to stop the type of violence that happened at Virginia Tech and Columbine. How Hip-Hop Helps Promote Political Awareness Role Models Hip hop artists serve as role models to youth from a diverse array of backgrounds. Many did not come from privileged backgrounds but showcase to youth that they can achieve their goals. Black Eyed Peas "The Voice of the People" Hip hop creates and sustains community in the larger popular culture particularly for youth of color. How? The History Behind Hip-Hop Hip-hop was a response to the political turmoil of the 60’s and 70’s. The Civil Rights Movement- 1955-1968 . Non-violent protests and acts of civil disobedience produced crisis situations between activists and government authorities. . Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963. The Black Panther Party Feed and clothed impoverished people. “The greatest threat to the internal security of the country” The Universal Zulu Nation "The Black Spades" Afrika Bambaataa The movement started by the UZN was defined by “hip-hop” a term first used by Lovebug Starski to describe the first DJ battles. Instrumental in the promotion of hip-hop. “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang
1979 Hip-hop has become one of America’s most popular genres. channeled through several mediums, including television, film, radio, magazines, and the Internet. The Power of Hip-Hop-
Negative Establishes a sense of community, addresses what needs to change and what has changed in their community. Glamorizing of violence, degradation of women and drug use/trafficking. Hip-hop music often talks about violence as a requirement for respect.

This has led society to view those associated with the hip-hop culture as being more prone to violence. Music/music videos often protrays women as just sexually object with no value other than their bodies.
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