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Marxist Criticism

No description

Matthew Beatty

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Marxist Criticism

INTRODUCTION More on Marxism Real works to criticize! Turn on lights for Class Activity! Where did it come from? Examples: MARXIST CRITICISM Let's observe how class and socio-economic forces might affect texts. plot content literary form itself characterization Karl Marx German Sociologist

left to work for father's textile firm left Germany and moved to Great Britain
were joint founders of this school of thought (Marxist Criticism)
called their economic theories Communism
aimed to bring about a classless society Fredrich Englels German Philosopher Son of a lawyer but lived in poverty after exile (important for context of his work) Both Basics Base Production Distribution Exchange Art Religion Marxist model of society Superstructure (Material) (Cultural) Economic Determinism Social Class

Ideology What is written by a member of that class (usually not admitted) Views History as a class struggle motored by the competition for... Economic Advantage Political Advantage Social Advantage 1818-1883 1820-1895 Law Prezi by Justin Baffin Leninist Marxism Literature must become Party Literature
Need for art to be explicitly committed to the political cause of the Left Engelsian' Marxist criticism Expressed in Russian Formalist Criticism -Alienation Effect in Drama:
Emphasizes a shift between literature and life
What the audience sees on stage is a constructed literary image
-Intermission during a play or the Act 1, Act 2 titles in Inglorious Bastards.
Distinction between story and plot
-Story: actual sequence of events
-Plot: artistic presentation of events which might involve reordering, juxtapositions, repetitions, etc. Beginning End Raging Bull (story timeline) Other Components of Marxism Hegemony - Cultural domination by a dominant power Ideology:
system of representations endowed with an existence and historical role at the heart of a society Classism - systems of policies and practices that are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes

Commodification - is the transformation of goods and services, as well as ideas or other entities that normally may not be considered goods, into something that is bought and sold, or exchanged in a market. I need two volunteers!!! Exploitation - the act of using another person's labour without offering them adequate compensation – either on individual level or capitalist class unjustly using lower classes

Alienation - the separation of things that naturally belong together; and the placement of antagonism between things that are properly in harmony; eg. human and their own destiny

False Consciousness - material and institutional processes in capitalist society are misleading to the proletariat
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