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Scotland.org Digital Strategy 2010

An overview of social media strategy, activity and partnership possibilities for Scotland.org

Jim Wolff

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Scotland.org Digital Strategy 2010

Digital Strategy 2010 Strategy Scotland.org St. Andrew's Day 1. Establish The Basics 8,000+ Fans 550+ Followers 11. Get Creative World Wide Ceilidh 6,000+ Dancers 111. Get Social! Tweet Blog Update Status Fav Comment Embed Like Reply Friend Follow Share PR Vital Statistics And ultimately... 16,000 visits Double last year's visits on Nov 30th

Yay! Fan Stories “Taken in Edinburgh, inside a tent housing events in celebration of St Andrews Day. My son is in the middle wearing the scotland.org hat proving that being Scottish is much more than being ginger, having a funny accent and following a woeful football team.” Kevin Greenan, Father. social video news Partnerships Campaigns 2011 Strategy Increase Footprint Grow Presence Content Outreach Engagement Build Partnerships Innovation Existing St. Andrew's Day
Burns' Night
Others... Website PR Cross-posting Partners Festival Campaigns Other Networks E-Newsletters Drip Feed Campaign Activity Press Releases RSS UGC Partner Activity Helpful Scottish Personal tone of Voice Short Questions Friendly & Warm Little & Often Limited RSS Improved SEO Increased Traffic Extra Channel Database Sharing Photography Festivals Cross-Posting Email Database sharing Pooling Content Facebook Fan
Updates RSS Links Additional Stats Tracking Wider Audience Scotland.org Brand Headings Progressive Nation with Global Reach Showing, not telling Demonstrate through partnerships with successful Scottish companies and networks Be seen in global places Be seen on social and professional networks frequented by key audiences (USA, China, India, etc) Creative in Everything it Does Again. Showing, not telling Scotland.org should reflect the alleged creativity of the nation. Whether that's unique digital content, or 'remarkable' tie=ins with Scotland's most creative companies (Blipfoto, Central Station, Games companies, etc) Get creative content out there Make the most of existing networks to showcase Scotland's vibrant creative scene. Warm People Social Media = Voice of the People All social media outposts of Scotland.org need to reflect the warm, friendly character that Scotland is proud of. This may be the first time someone 'interacts' with the country. Warm Digital Content Anything produced for Scotland.org should embody a warm, friendly attitude. Rich Natural and Built Environments Facilitate photo sharing Scotland is naturally beautiful and we want to encourage as much photo / video sharing as possible. How can we make it easy for people to share photos of their Scottish experience? Show off Scotland's assets There's a heap of innovative ways to get people excited about Scotland's places. What could we do with Google Maps, mobile tours, games, tablet apps like Tourwrist, etc Existing Partners New Partners Home of Golf and Whisky Build on existing collectives Both golf and whisky have very strong appreciation groups, which makes attracting them and/or building on existing networks all the more easy Use engaging interactive content Create or license interactive content like games to help increase time on site and positive association with Scotland.
(See for example WGT.com - World Golf Tour) Central Station Kiltr Interactive Scotland (SE) Podcasts, video, slidecasts, etc Timorous Beasties Johanna Basford Scottish Authors
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