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Water Pollution


Kevin Reyes

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Water Pollution

Water Pollution Causes of water pollution High concentration of sewage and toxic chamicals released in water bodies.

Oxygen level graph Litter on the shore Dangers of water pollution Eutrophication - Increase of nutrients in a water body that reduces oxygen levels for other organisms.
Some industries drop off their waste materials (mainly metal), into the ocean, whose properties would harm the health of marine animals. Also dumping of litter in the ocean or beaches can be a hazardous action towards fish and other aquatic organisms. Air pollution effects water pollution - Acid Rain. Oil leakage creates a black smudge on water surface, bringing several problems. The harmful effects are not going to be immediate. But it is dangerous in the long term future. Different types of pollutants effect the health of marine animals in various ways. Heavy metals are easy to accumulate in rivers and oceans. People can also get infected by the toxic chemicals released by the fish. Microbial pollutants cause infectious diseases that can attain access marine life, and through terrestrial life. E.g. Cholera and Typhoid fever are two problems that are the main cause of infant mortality in developing countries. Suspended particles on the water's surface will block most of the light that is provided to nourish the aquatic eco-system. Prevention of water Pollution Close the tap when finished. Don't just throw liquids down the drain. Don't exaggerate with fertilisers and pesticides. The more plants = The better Don't throw litter into oceans - recycle Save the future generations!
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