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Types of Waves

No description

Andrea Nirmala

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Types of Waves

The Equation
We know that...
What is a wave?
A disturbance of equilibrium that propagates
from one place to another.
Transverse Waves
displacement of individual particles is
to the direction of propagation
examples: moves a string up and down, light and radio waves
Water Waves
Longitudinal Waves
Transverse vs Longitudinal
Types of Waves
speed =
So we can get that...
speed =
speed = wavelength x frequency
displacement of individual particles is
to the direction of propagation
example: waves on sound (vibration in vocal cords)
a combination of both
transverse and
longitudinal waves
waves propagate symmetrically
away from the disturbance
Andrea Nirmala - Andrew Wilbert
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