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To Kill a Mockingbird-Socioeconomics

Partner: Nicole Bereau

Shannon Springer

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird-Socioeconomics

Prejudice Against Socioeconomic Classes Low Class High Class The Difference in Treatment Between Social Classes Aunt Alexandra "We don't need her now" (pg. 137) "Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of attire" (chapter 9) "The thing is, you can scrub Walter Cunningham till his shoe shines, you can put him in shoes and a new suit but he'll never be like Jem" (pg. 119) "Finch woman aren't interested in those kind of people" (pg 119) The Cunninghams "He ain't company Cal, he's just a Cunningham" (pg 33) "Yo' Folks might be better than the Cunninghams but it don't count for nothing the way you're disgracing them" (pg. 33) This was said about Calpurnia. Aunt Alexandra said this not because of Calpurnias race but because she was a lower class than the Finches there for making her uncivilized Aunt Alexandra thinks that since Scout is high class she should be dressing proper and acting civilized Aunt Alexandra thinks that because Walter is low class he cannot be civilized or as good as people in high class. Aunt Alexandra is speaking about the Cunninghams saying that since they are a lower class Scout shouldn't be friends with Walter. Aunt Alexandra is an example of someone who is prejudice regarding social class. She thinks that because the Finches are high class they are superior to the lower classes The Cunninghams are often referred to as 'trash'. They live in poverty and are considered low class. People are prejudice against them because the are low class Scout said this because Walter Cunningham was eating strangely. People in Maycomb view the Cunninghams as uncivilized and trash because they are low class. Therefor she thinks Walter isn't considered company because he is low class This is an example of the caste system in Maycomb. The Finches are a higher class than the Cunninghams which makes them be considered superior to those below. Calpernia says this to Scout when she disrespects the Cunninghams. African Americans The Cunninghams The Finches and their neighbors The Ewells The Caste System in Maycomb Highest Class Lowest Class Superior to Lower Classes Trashy and Uncivilized Proper and Civilized Not as Good as High Class Connection to Outside World The Caste System in Maycomb is similar to the Caste System in India. by Harper Lee To Kill A Mocking Bird The Most Important Theme In the book Harper Lee shows us how prejudice on social class effects how people are treated. She shows how higher classes think they are superior to lower classes and how lower classes are treated unequal because they are 'trashy' and 'uncivilized. This is still seen in our society today The 'higher' you are in the Caste System the more respected you are in society "Theres the ordinary kind like us and the neighbors, the kind like the Cunninghams out in the woods, the kind like Ewells down in the dump and the Negros" (Chapter 23) The Hunger Games To Kill a Mockingbird Connection in the Media Prejudice toward Social Class is Still Present in the Media In the popular book, "The Hunger Games" their society is split into 13 districts, the higher your district number the poorer you are. Districts 1 and 2 are rich while districts 11 and 12 are in poverty. This is a good example of the difference in treatment between social classes in the media This is similar too, To Kill a Mockingbird because they both have caste systems where groups are treated differently depending on their social class The Ewell's "Every town the size of Maycomb had families like the Ewells. No economic fluctuations changed their status—people like the Ewells lived as guests of the county in prosperity as well as in the depths of a depression” (chapter 17) “Their relief check was far from enough to feed the family” (chapter 18) “No truant officers could keep their numerous offspring in school; no public health officer could free them from congenital defects, various worms, and the diseases indigenous to filthy surroundings” (chapter 17) “Maycomb’s Ewells lived behind the town garbage dump” (chapter 17) This quote connects to the theme because it demonstrates how people view the Ewells. The Ewells are one of Maycomb's lowest classes therefore considered 'outsiders' to higher class citizens like Scout. The Ewells are the lowest class because they live in poverty. This demonstrates why the Ewells are considered low class in Maycomb. In this quote Scout gives background on the Ewell family. It is clear throughout the story that the Ewell's living conditions are far from ideal. We still believe this quote is dramatized due to the Ewells place in society. The Ewells live in a very run down dirty place. They are considered 'white trash' because of their bad living conditions and their role in society. This relates to the theme because it represents the Ewell's bad living conditions. Scout and her neighbors live in cozy houses while the Ewells live near the dump Community Global Community Connection to our community and the larger global community This connects to our own community in terms of living conditions. Neighborhoods often have houses around the same price range so generally speaking all the residence are of the same class. Neighborhoods and streets can indicate what class you are in (Not always!) Our community is not as separated as Maycomb but out community defiantly has multiple classes; high and low. There is no specific caste system in our country but there are high and low classes. There is no doubt that the issue of social class is still present in our country today. High class citizens (billionaires,millionaires,etc.) receive tons of money while low class citizens live in poverty. Why did we choose this theme? We believe that the theme of Social Class Prejudice is the most important as well as the most occurring theme in the book. The Ewells are the second to lowest class in Maycomb, they live in poverty and are very racist. Whether we like to admit it or not the Ewells are a victim of social class prejudice. Bibliography Lee, Harper, and Sally Darling. To Kill a Mocking Bird. N.p.: Recorded, 1988. Print. Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic, 2008. Print.
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