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Banned Books: The Lovely Bones

No description

Tracy Kasing

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Banned Books: The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones
By: Alice Sebold

Who Challenged the Book
The Lovely Bones was challenged by a group of parents led by a mother named Diane Thompson. She read the book and believed it was not appropriate for young children because it was supposed to be a book about healing and hope, but the book was not because the bad guy gets away and the mother abandons the family. She also said the rape and murder scene were "very graphic" and did not fit the curriculum because the book is being made into a movie.
The Lovely Bones tells the story of a teenage girl named Susie Salmon who is raped and murdered by a neighbor in the first chapter. The book continues on as her watching down on her family from heaven trying to cope with her loss and bring her murderer to justice.
By: Tracy Kasing
1st period

Was There a Court Case?
There was not court case, but at the school there was a vote of a School Library Media Advisory Committee. They voted 5 to 1 to keep The Lovely Bones, but it was moved to the faculty section. Students would need permission from a librarian to check it out.
The Lovely Bones at River Ridge
The Lovely Bones is in the school's library, but the book is not part of the curriculum.
Where the Book was Challenged
The book was challenged in 2008 at John W. McDevitt Middle School, Waltham Massachusetts.
Why The Lovely Bones was Challenged
The Lovely Bones was challenged because it was considered too frightening for middle school students. The book also features a "heaven" personalized to Susie's tastes. Many people felt that Sebold was questioning some religious aspects with this version of heaven.
Why The Lovely Bones Should Not be Banned
The Lovely Bones should not be banned because it really is a book of healing, despite what the mother in Massachusetts thinks; the healing just happens on a deeper level than a fifth grader may be able to understand. While it is an intense book, reading it can be beneficial to a middle school student. Reading this book can give him or her an idea of what is really out there and make them aware of the dangers in the world.
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