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jasmine gaumer

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Fashion

We will talk about...
Medieval Times
Victorian Era
Disco era
Fashion eras
Medieval Fashion
After the Victorian Era, many people like Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci Coco Chanel more recently Thierry Mugler, Antoine Chaulieu this people have change the fashion. They made a new fashion like Coco Chanel who have invented the trousers for women and gradually the fashion have changed.
Disco Fashion Era
Disco Era Fashion
Medieval times
In 1807, there is more and more dresses and that makes sewing machines more important and the lace making machine could lower its prices because it was popular.
Fashion, in Medieval times, was very influenced by the kings and queens. In those times, if you saw a man with scrawny, tight clothes and long hair, he was probably a peasant as rich people and royalty would have gold clothes or long cloaks with nice cut short hair.
Women Clothing
Women usually wore long gowns and had very elaborate hairstyles.
Men Clothing
Men often wore short robes with a leather belt to hold their sword in or a knight armor.
Women wore dresses, skirts, overcoats and many kinds of hats. In a Victorian dress there is 9 layers.
Men wore waist coats, jackets and trousers. This is also the era of the bowler hat.
So, we are in the present
we know how we are so, look at yourself in the mirror if you want to know.
You have to admit its different of the disco era but also look at yourself.
Discofashion was all about glitz, glam and colour. To be in style, your clothes had to attract attention. Most clothes were made of spandexor polyester.
People would wear anything as long as it attracted attention.Women generally wore sequin tight tops, bell bottoms and platform shoes.
Nobody knows exactly what will be the fashion in the future, but if you want to, you may try to imagine what it will be.
Woman & Men
Everybody has about the same vision of what will be the future... high-tech and funky. If we stick with this, it might really happen. Also maybe the fabric will evolve.
Thank you for listening!


White was very common during that period of time. Men wore white leisure suits, wite leather belts and white dress shoes.
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