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IP and Memory

No description

Harry Freeman

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of IP and Memory

Memory Storage and Retrieval
Information Processing Theory
Sensory Register
Input Through Our Five Senses:
Seeing, Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste
Attention- Perception
Short Term Memory
5-9 items active - or 1 to 4 chunks of information
Long-Term Memory
250 milliseconds
Gone in a 1-3 seconds
I was born on 31 January 1979 - a Wednesday. I know it was a Wednesday, because the date is blue in my mind and Wednesdays are always blue, like the number nine or the sound of loud voices arguing.' Like the character Hoffman portrayed, he can perform extraordinary maths in his head, sees numbers as shapes, colours, textures and motions, and can learn to speak a language fluently from scratch in three days.
With or without meaning
(i.e. With or without retrieval from long-term memory)
Zip Code

-Adding Meaning
through visual and verbal links -
Episodic and Autobiographical
E x e c u t i v e F u n c t i o n s
Mnemonic Strategies
Miller's Magic Number
like a magic card trick your Short-Term memory is ...
The Encoding Pathway
Dependent on
Context- i.e., Sociocultural theory
Development - i.e., Piaget
Past experience - Life size filters
Social Emotional Organization
Master of Attention, Apollo the pickpocket
As illustrated by, Apollo Robbins, Master of Attention/Perception
Sensory Register: Most of what we see we never become aware
SPACED PRACTICE: Long-term Memory Decay is a function of practice,

which should be spaced over time (i.e., retain years = several months apart
Decoding Pathway
Decoding Pathway
Larger than the library of congress
Top Down
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