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Rodeo Horses

Different types of rodeo horses and what they do.

savannah daniels

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Rodeo Horses

Rodeo Horses Saddle bronc riding Saddle bronc riding is where you ride a bucking horse with a saddle that has no horn and the horse has a bronc halter on and thats the only thing you can hold on to Barrel racing- Barrel racing is a very fast and competative sport. You have to have a fast and consistant horse. The barrel pattern makes a three leaf clover pattern. Team roping- Team roping
is also another competitive event.
It takes two people A header and a heeler. Bulldogging also known as Steer wrestling. It also takes two people for this event. one person slides off there horse and flips the steer the other guy is called the hazer he helps keep the steer going straight. Bareback riding
Is another event with bucking
horses exept its bareback theres no saddle or halter.What they use is called a barstow you put it on like a saddle but it just has a handle like thing that you hold on to. Calf roping also known as tie-down roping the goal for this event is for the rider to catch the calf around the neck, get off the horse run down flip the calf and try to tie it as fast as he/she can.
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