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Employee empowerment

Thanakorn Sathitwitayakul

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Empowerment

Empowerment Assumption University Training Module on OB Trainer

Thanakorn S. 526-3023
Thanapon S. 526-3022
Atichote B. 526-3030 sharing varying degrees of power
with lower-level employees
to tap their full potential
Human checker 1.Divide people into 2 groups each contains 12-14 participants
2.For each group, 2-3 strategic managers are selected among participants
3.Strategic managers select 2 team leaders to be responsible for team 1 and team 2
4.8 participants will be assigned as pieces
5.Black moves first. Strategic managers then alternate moves
6.Once the game has started, Strategic managers assign job to either team leader 1 or 2 to move their pieces
7.Team leader only has right to select one piece to move then the piece itself will design whether to move right or left forward
8.If the piece is given a chance to eliminate other pieces but not doing so, the punishment will be occurred and that piece will be eliminated from the game
9.Every participants are prohibited from telling (by words or acts) the strategic plan, violation will cause an elimination of 1 piece from that group
Questions for discussion

What emotions did the Piece people experience during the activity?

What emotions did the “leaders” felt?
What could the “leaders” do different to empower the Piece people?

What did you learn during this activity?

How does empowering people influence the bottom line?

What can you do to empower your employees back at work?
Thank you for participation Any d ubt?
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