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The 5 Paragraph Essay

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Rochelle D'Souza

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The 5 Paragraph Essay

Expanding each sentence of the hamburger to a paragraph
Question: What is the best social media platform available to youth today?
5-paragraph Essay Exercise
The Body Paragraphs #2, 3, 4
Supporting Paragraphs
Paragraph 5: The Conclusion
1. Introduction to Topic
general sentence about your topic to introduce to the reader

2. Thesis Statement
State your thesis (it is your opinion; it is what you are going to prove)

3. Scope
Indicate the three supporting arguments in the order you are going to examine them
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Generally 3-4 sentences
Your paragraph should introduce the reader to your topic
Moves from general to the specific
Thesis statement is more than just topic
The 5-paragraph Essay
use a separate paragraph for each supporting argument
in each paragraph, state the facts that relate to the supporting argument
be certain to connect each main topic or argument to your overall thesis
the order presented in your introduction should be the order in which your supporting paragraphs appear in your essay
the last thing your teacher will read before its marked!
summarize your three arguments
as a final point, build on your thesis by applying it to the present or near future

The 5 Paragraph Essay
Louis Riel was a controversial figure in Canadian History.
Was Louis Riel a hero as many French Canadians believe or was he a traitor as many English Canadians claim?
Riel can be seen as both a hero and a traitor and this essay will look at both perspectives
Bad Example
Good Example
Sir Wilfred Laurier was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1896-1911.
Laurier was considered the "King of Compromise".
This will be proven through a discussion of the Manitoba Schools Act, the Boer War, and the Naval Crisis.
English Usage
this is formal writing
do not use personal pronouns (ex. I think...)
do not use contractions (ex. it's, won't, can't
proofread carefully - ensure spelling and grammar are correct
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