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Online Tools

No description

Chris Lannin

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Online Tools

Online Tools
What can you learn from it?
How can you use it in education?
Find at least 5 pins that you can share with us what you learned about technology.
Snipping Tool
Learn how to use this tool
How is it beneficial to you?
Use it in this presentation.
What does it mean to be a model Netizen?
What should your online presence be?
How can your online presence affect you?
Learn about the dangers of being online and teach us about at least 5 potential dangers.
Your time to shine
Find an online application and teach us about it.
How is it educational?
What can you learn from it?
Khan Academy
What can you learn from it?
How can you use it in education?
How could this benefit you?
Find at least 3 videos that you can share with us what you learned.
Create something and show us how you did it!!
Check out: http://goo.gl/rbYGaN
Blender Projects
Include snapshots of your Blender projects. Share with us your trials and tribulations!!
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