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Global Warming

No description

Jack Desira

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming
By Jack Desira &
Oakley Dent

Global warming is heat that has been trapped in the earths atmosphere due to a layer surrounding the earth that consists of oxide (O ), Carbon Dioxide (CO ), Methane gas (CH ), water vapor (H O Vapor), Nitrous Oxide (N O), chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and Nitrogen (N).
There is many reasons for Global Warming. Some non-natural reasons are:
Deforestation is bad for Global Warming because one of the only things that absorb CO is trees, and they are getting destroyed.
Car Gases & Fuels
Car fuels produce approximately 11 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide and other Global Warming gases every 4.5 liters of gas
Factories that burn Fossil Fuels
It is believed that more than 50% of greenhouse gasses are produce by industry and electrical generating factories. The factories that burn fossil fuels produce lots of CO and Sulfur Dioxide. Sulfur Dioxide helps form acid rain but also helps cool down the atmosphere.
Some Natural
Volcanoes are one of the biggest natural reasons for global warming. It is believed that volcanoes produce 65 to 319 million tonnes of CO2 per year. This may sound like a lot (and it is) but the submarine volcanoes produce a great amount more.
Animal waste
Animal waste releases a gas called Methane gas. this gas contributes to the greenhouse effect which causes global warming. It comes from the intestines of animals such as cows. More of these gases are being released into the earths atmosphere due to the high demands for meat to eat and livestock to be kept for milk.
Farming / Fertilizer
The fertilizer used by farmers releases a gas called nitrogen (N). It causes heat to be locked up in the ground which then causes heat temperature to rise. Nitrogen based products trap up to 300 times more heat than Carbon Dioxide.
Global Warming Video
(Extra Info)
Natural Forest Fires
From the burning of the vegetation, Greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide are released into the earths atmosphere. These gases were stored in the earths surface and then released during the fire. It also burns down trees which is what absorbs Carbon Dioxide.
What are
the effects of
Melting Ice caps
One of the biggest impacts Global Warming has on the Earth is the melting of the ice. Most importantly ice is melting in the earths poles. This includes mountain glaciers, ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice. This is therefore raising the sea level, which will eventually drown all land on Earth.
Due to melting ice caps animals that live on them such as Polar Bears and Penguins will become extinct. These aren't the only species that will become extinct. All of us humans, all other "land" animal will get drowned and even some "water" animals will die due to drought.
Sea Level rise
If it doesn't stop the sea level could rise from 7-26 inches just due to melting ice poles. This could drown the whole world
Floods and Droughts
Floods and droughts will become more common
Floods can be bad for us because we could loose our houses and possibly even drown
Droughts are bad for us because it could lead to less food and crops. Do you know what that means? No food no life.
Tropical Storms
Tropical storms have started to get bigger and stronger due to the fact that warmer water pumps more energy into them. This is why the number of level 4-5 storms have dramatically increased over the past 45 years. Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest and deadliest hurricanes in the U.S and put them around $125 billion in debt
Disease will spread
If Global Warming continues disease could be a big issue. Insects like Mosquitoes and tics. Mosquitoes are capable of transferring diseases like Dengue Fever. This disease can cause high fever, headaches, bone and joint aches, and a rash. If it keeps happening it can cause bleeding, seizures, and even death. Tics can cause another disease called Lyme disease.
How can You reduce Global Warming?
Plant a Tree
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
- Use less heat and air conditioning
- Drive less and drive smart
- Encourage others to conserve

The Greenhouse Effect
In conclusion, Global Warming is a huge problem that the Earth is facing today and it needs to be stopped. It is caused mainly by the greenhouse effect which includes several harmful gases. If we don't stop destroying our planet, it will eventually come back to bite us in the behind
Thanks for watching
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