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Getting to know your school counselor

School Counselor Intro Video for CLO

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Getting to know your school counselor

C.L. Overturf Jr. 6th Grade Center
Some Reasons to see the
School Counselor
(including but not limited to...)
Do you need to speak to
Mrs. Theobold?
It's easy as 1..2...or 3
Getting to Know Your School Counselor
Meet Your School Counselor
Mrs. Jamila Theobold is your counselor at C.L. Overturf Jr. 6th Grade Center. She has been in education for 13 years and 11 of those years she has been a School Counselor in Putnam County. She has been a lifetime student attending several universities and colleges. She is a graduate of Florida State University and the University of West Alabama. She spends her free time creating new experiences and adventures with her husband and daughter.
Ask your teacher for a request form.
Stop by the Counselor's Office to complete a request form.
Speak to Mrs. Theobold to set up a time to talk.
Sharing Good News, Funny Story or Joke
Friendship Problems
Making new friends
Loss of a Loved One
Changing Family
Schoolwork Challenges
Being teased or bullied or if you know of bullying
Difficult time making new friends
Goal Setting
Ways to deal with stress
Attendance, Behavior and Academic Concerns
What does a School Counselor Do?
Just a few things....
Group Counseling: Available for students experiencing similar difficulties. Through a collaborative, safe environment, students share and build skills to deal with future issues.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teen Skillbuilding
Be Proactive
Begin With an End In Mind
Put First Things First
Think Win-Win
Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood
Sharpen the Saw
Character Education and Positive Behavior Support
Individual Counseling: Available for students who could use some help finding solutions to issues interfering with their learning in school.
Professional school counselors design and deliver comprehensive school counseling programs that promote student achievement.
Let's talk about Your Vision?
-American School Counseling Association
6th grade is all about exciting changes, new opportunities and perhaps some challenges. Your counselor will help guide you through this year, show you the resources available to you and assist you in what to expect for the 7th grade and years ahead.
Duke TIP Information
Learning Challenge Support
Tutoring Resources
Exceptional Student Education/504 plans
College and Career Exploration
FCAT 2.0 Assessment Information
Study Skill Building
Academic Advisement
Cambridge Program Information
Grade Checks and Advisement
Sample of
Student Self Referral Form
Teacher Referral for Student Services
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