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Lsa2010 cassi butterfield

No description

cassi butterfield

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Lsa2010 cassi butterfield

Theories of Crime Sociological Determinism Social learning is the theory that people learn through the behaviors around them and in the enviroment.
Social learning theory was introduced by Albert Bandura Labeling theory
The labeling theory states that the formal and informal application of stigmatizing and deviant "labels" or tags applied to an individual by society will not deter, but rather instigate future deviant or criminal acts. the labeling theory is associated with howard Becket
in 1963. The labeling theory affects a lot of youths, if they are labeled ans a delinquent then they are going to rebel and act the way people thing they do.
Anomie Theory The Anomie Theory states that the gap between the American Dream's goal of
economic success and the oppurtunity to obtain this goal creates structual strain. Norms weaken
and "Anomie" ensues, thus creating high crime rates. When other social institutions (such as the
family ) are weak to begin with or also weakened by the American Dream, the economic institution
is dominant. When such an institutional imbalance exits-as in the U.S.-then crime rates are very high. Conflict Theory Based upon the view that the fundamental causes are the social and ecomonmic forces operating within society. All these theories are examples of why crime could happen. Introduced the Anomie theory. Enviromental Social Biological Psychological ???? Why does crime happen?
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