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Senior Project

No description

Kimberly Tadlock

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Senior Project

SENIOR PROJECT By: Kimberly Tadlock Premature Birth Premature Babies Statistics Product Product and Research? Community Involvement A premature birth is a birth that takes place more than 3 weeks before the baby is due The Causes and Effects *Baskets for the parents of premature babies in the NICU Any births less than 37 weeks is considered premature *Born at 22 weeks- 10% chance of living *Born at 24 weeks- 39% chance of living *Born at 25 weeks- 50% chance of living *Born at 27 weeks- 90% chance of living *34+ weeks-Almost as likely as a full term baby MY GIFT FROM GOD I saw your angelic face,
I forgot the time and place
I'll never forget the day,
No man could ever pay

Born at 22 weeks, only 10% live,
But I had hope, no matter what I had to give
You were so small, so lifeless
The wires and tubes, your daddy and I were full of sadness

You fought a good fight,
We watched you sleep through the night
We questioned God so many times,
We didn't want to hear those funeral chimes

God has a plan for our lives
We trust in Him, for He knows who survives
You were our little miracle
And in my eyes, you were adorable

You were my gift from God
All I could do was sit in awe
You were my gift from above
Forever you will have my love. Include:
*Men body wash,shampoo,and conditioner
*Women body wash,shampoo,and conditioner
*3 in 1 Q-tips,cotton balls,and pads
*Men and women deodorant
*Hand Sanitizer
*Men and Women Deodorant
*Stuffed teddy bear
*Baby blankets
*Hard candy
*Letter from Me
*A Mother's Journal
*Crossword Puzzle
*2 Pens Women's Wellness and Maternity Center -Learn to check blood pressure
-Tour the place Sweetwater Hospital -Interview Labor and Delivery Nurse
-Feed baby
-Learn basics of discharging a patient
and baby
-Help with checking baby's vitals Community Involvement at its Best Educational Stretch Senior project has taught me time management skills, and how to do things efficiently. I feel I could better manage my time, and I'm one more step closer to being ready for college. I learned that if I set my mind to accomplishing something, I can do it. Time management was the biggest quality I got from this project. *My research helped me make my product by telling me some things parents may need while staying in the hospital. I was good at helping with the babies
during community involvement.
I was also good at being creative with
the baskets I made. FUTURE PLANS My goal is to go to college at Tennessee Weselyn and become a Labor and Delivery Nurse. I would love to work at UT Hospital or Fort Sanders Regional beside Children's Hospital. Sweetwater Hospital Womens Wellness and Maternity Center Sweetwater Hospital Zumbathon for the Babies Product Zumbathon for the Babies Shopping for items Not even
half of the
items bought Making baskets Product
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