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No description

Sani Lee

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of COOKING IS COOL!

!Togetherness !
You can build relasionships and get closer with your family !
! Fun, Fun, Fun !
Mostly when you bake you can play around with icing and fondant witch is a sugar or marshmellow douhg yum !
! Clean cooking !
! Watch out !
Some people can't enjoy certain foods like others because there elegiac to some foods!
! vegan !
We should pay attention to the people who are vegan !.
! See to belive !
So i bet yoer thinking why is cooking so cool ?. well maybe because you can make some of your favoite foods like mac and cheese but you know whats going in your food.
Reasons why cooking is cool and heathly!
You know whats going in your food!
Some people have trouble cooking because they can't there troubled our are disable but there always other things to accomplish
Such as dairy products and different types
of nuts can't eat !

That means they can't eat the real product our real thing some people can't because they chose to our some people can't because there elergic !
Examples chickin beef bugers mostly meat !
! Whats in my food ?!
What's make's it so cool ?
You can teach others like
seniors our loved ones
that need help!
So what ever your
cooking with is
clean and so is what
putting on the plate
and what your going to
sever !
See what im,ean it is cool but don't forget to still be
safe. About being clean and about vegan and
allerges and relationships oh and the fun parts to

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