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About Me!!!!!!

No description

Kaci Cochran

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of About Me!!!!!!

Presenting Me!!!!!!
Name: Kaci Hannah Cochran
Age: 13
Birthday: June 10th, 2002
Birthplace: Saint Johnsbury, Vermont
And MUSIC!!!!!
Musical Instruments
I play
Drums (6-7 years)
Piano (3-4 years)
Handbells (3 years)
Bagpipes (2-3 years)
Flute (less than a year)
Guitar (less than one year)
Places I have traveled
Catmount Pipe Band in Scotland
June 2013 with the Jazz Band
My Name
My first name, Kaci,(pronounced Casey and not any other strange way), was given to me because it meant strength and bravery. My middle name, Hannah, was given to me because it menas grace and charm. These to meanings meant that I would be brave, yet graceful. My last name, Cochran, has many different meanings, but the one I know best is that Cochran means "red brook."
December 2012 with the Jazz Band
My type of Bagpipes!
The World Pipe Band Championships 2015!
Do not watch these entire videos unless you want to be sitting here for an hour
Most of the time that I was in Scotland, I was drumming, but I also had some time to explore around Scotland, including:
Going into the Highlands
Finding Cochrane Street
Going to museums
Meeting Strange People
Being with a gigantic "family"
My Family
First off, we have my mom and dad, but what most people do not know is that I am not an only child. I actually have 4 older siblings: three brothers and one sister. I also have have 2 dogs, a cat who thinks he is a dog, and a rabbit. I am also related to the Cochran(e)s, the Ashmalls, and the Gingues.
Me, my mom, and my dad
The End
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