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Teen Ranch - School Program - Full Text

School Program Prezi

Joshua Menzies

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Teen Ranch - School Program - Full Text

Teen Ranch is located in the beautiful Caledon Hills, within one hour of the major population centres of Ontario. It is a unique location that allows for a refreshing "country experience" quite apart from "city life". Yet it is also close enough to “civilization” to be able to afford certain amenities (such as ease of access and all that comes from having a large town only 5 min away).

School Program and Retreats

With a capacity of over 140 guests for overnight trips, we offer an assortment of accommodations for your students through all seasons of the year. Our rooms are winterized and have self contained washrooms.

Students are supervised by their teachers either from an adjacent bunk house or a separate teacher's room so that supervision is always available for the students.
With the use of over 150 acres, our facility provides opportunities for many diverse activities – from a quite time of reflection in the forest, to a brisk hike on our trails, to the exciting use of many activities that we offer.
Our Mission
Coach House
Carriage House
Food and Food Service
We understand that the life of a teacher is busy, and we are here to help you - whether you run your own program in our stimulating environment, or have us take the lead by facilitating the program during your stay with us.
Our Program
Giant Swing
Climbing Wall
Initiative Activities
olympic sized rink
Skating on an
Horse Activities
Times and activity selections are quite flexible, and we desire to put together a program that works for you.
Flexible Program
Sample Multi-day Program
We walk you through the whole process.
We send out a what to bring list.
We are available for parent presentations.
Booking Process
Thank you for your interest in our program!
We desire to train future leaders through the
development of the entire person.
Beauty of nature
Dining Room
Completed in 1970s
Completed in 1972 & Addition in 80s
Completed in 1975
Completed in 2006
Top floor completed in 2012
Remainder to be completed in 2013
Inside the Dining Room
Ball Hockey
Frisbee Golf
Tacking and Grooming
And a few other things
Trail Rides
Arrival & Orientation
Activity 2 - Trail Ride
Activity 1 - Giant Swing
Arrival & settle in
Activity - Horse Riding 1
Activity - Initiative Games 1
Activity - Sports
Activity - Horse Riding 2
Activity - Initiative Games 2
Free Time
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Free Time
Evening Game - Capture the Flag
Activity - Orienteering 2
Activity - Orienteering 1
Free Time
Activity - Climbing Wall
Activity - Giant Swing
Free Time
Sample Extended Day Program
Because of our love and concern for the youth of our nation, we encourage Teen Ranch guests (students) to develop physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually. It is our privilege to assist teachers in achieving these goals by providing a variety of challenging experiences and adventures in a country setting.
Comfortable and cozy, our western style bunkhouses easily accommodate over 64 guests by housing 8-11 guests per room. All bunkhouses are winterized and have self contained washrooms.
The Dining room is a comfortable building that offers a wonderful, western style, sit-down, dining room atmosphere.
The Plough Inn Hotel is a cozy, western style building containing a moderate size meeting room great for relaxing or for conducting meetings. It also contains 8 hotel rooms ideal for couples and small families.
The Coach House is a bright, cheery, up-to-date accommodation which may house over 56 students along with their teacher supervisors. It also contains 4 meeting room spaces of various sizes which can be used for a variety of activities. The spacious central lounge area is capable of accommodating well over 60 people.
The latest addition to our family of accommodations, the carriage house is a beautiful building which can hold 30 students at present (this is in the finished, upper area. This number will increase as the rest of the building is finished) and also has a large meeting room – capable of handling over 40 guests.
We strive for excellence in all areas of food service. From a warm and charming dining room to friendly and efficient staff, the food service department continues the model each department strives for, excellence.
Every Breakfast starts with a variety of cold and hot cereal, milk and orange juice. A toast station and fresh fruit are also available. A hot meal follows.
Bacon, scrambled eggs, home fries, English muffins
Pancakes and sausages
French toast with fresh fruit
Ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches
Waffles with berries and whip cream
Each lunch meal is followed by a delicious home made dessert.
Pasta with a variety of sauces i.e. home made meat sauce, alfredo, marinara, “mac and cheese” etc. Served with tossed or Caesar salad.
Chicken Quesadillas with lettuce and all the fixings
Home made soup and sandwiches with a variety of meats and cheese.
Hot Chicken Sandwiches with fries and salad
Outdoor BBQ (weather and schedule permitting)
Served with Rolls and butter and again followed by a delicious dessert.
Roast Beef, Roast potatoes, 2 veggies, gravy
Seasoned, Boneless chicken breasts with rice and two veggies
Lasagna and Caesar Salad
BBQ Ribs with baked potato and veggies
Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and veggies.
Comfort of the city
Our 150 acre facility affords many program opportunities. Our activities may be used as a training tool for various aspects of leadership development and team building, including elements such as: trust, communication, problem solving, adaptation and self awareness; or they may be used simply for sheer enjoyment.
We offer single as well as multi-day ventures. Please note that we are willing to customize a package in order to suit your individual needs. Here is an example of what we can offer:
Please note that prices* are for the Teen Ranch facilitated program, if you would like to run your own self facilitated program, we welcome you to do so and are willing to offer you a reduced rate.
*Prices are based on availability of our lowest priced accommodations.
Extra Snack ..........................................................................$5.00/person
Use of additional meeting room .........................................$50.00
Ice Corral Ice Skating – 50min* .........................................$160
Trail Ride* .........................................................................$25/person
Extensive Dietary Needs** ...................................................Please contact office.
* Either 1 trail ride or 1 hour of ice included for free in all but the half day program
** Teen Ranch willingly accommodates most dietary restrictions, but in extreme cases a modest fee may apply.
Additional Prices
Be assured that our guests are served nutritious, delicious and aesthetically pleasing meals. Menus have been approved by a registered dietician and provide a wonderful variety.
Although Teen Ranch does not claim to be a nut free environment, precautions will be taken to help ensure the safety of our guests with allergies and other special dietary restrictions.
Here’s a look at a sample of foods commonly available on our menu:
Our program offers opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills which we believe are key components of developing individuals into successful contributors to society.
Whether you are looking for a facility where you can bring a class for team bonding, accomplish curricular goals, reward them or simply give them an experience that they will remember for a life time, Teen Ranch is happy to accommodate with varying options of either self or Teen Ranch facilitated programs.
We believe that each school and each class is different, and instead of offering you a cut and paste program, it is our desire to build a program that is right for you. We hope to accomplish this is by speaking with your trip organizer and working along side them to put together a program that uses the activities you want and focuses on the goals you wish to achieve.
At Teen Ranch, we offer guests the opportunity to try new things, participate in enjoyable activities and step outside their comfort zone. Through this program, we strive to provide participants with the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about themselves and those around them. We offer the opportunity to grow - not only as a leader, but also as a team, class or organization. We hope you will take advantage of it!
Rate / Person
Half Day
Extended Day
2 Day / 1 Night
3 Day / 2 Night
4 Day / 3 Night
Please contact our bookings coordinator to clarify additional costs. Here are some ideas of what you may be interested in adding to your program:
please call us at:
(519) 941-4501
Or email:
Teen Ranch is a non-denominational Christian Sports Camp and Retreat Centre committed to the positive development of the entire person.
Aiming Higher for Over 40 Years!
If you would like further information beyond this presentation,
Bouldering Wall
Small Stock Farm
Instincts for Survival Game
2 Courses of Map Orienteering
Activity 3 - Initiative Games
Activity 4 - Sports
Snack, Debrief & Departure
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