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Pregnant ?

No description

Jenna Larochelle

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Pregnant ?

Child birth
Third trimester
Week 28-40
Second trimester
As your pregnancy is avancing, your baby might begin to seem more real. You might hear the heartbeat at your prenatal appointments, and your enlarging abdomen might force you to put away your favorite jeans.
Being pregnant
When your are pregnant you have a fetus growing inside of you. During the sexual intercourse when the men ejaculate his sperm inside of you, it take about 48 hour until the sperm reaches the uterus. Their are about 300 million sperms that enter the female uterus.
First trimester
During the first trimester you may get morning sickness witch could happen through out the day or night. During these hormonal changes you may attempt sore or swallow breast , your bladder may fill up faster then usual and get really tired. You may also get craving, dizziness, heartburn and constipation.
La Grossess
Here is a video to help you understand more
After labour
After labour the mother and the child are hormonally cued to bond.
During pregnancy you may feel delighted, anxious, bubbly and exhausted and sometimes all at once. Even if you're thrilled about being pregnant, a new baby adds emotional stress to your life.
Week 13 - 27
During child birth you start to have contraction of the uterine this is how you know your going in labour. Their is some labour that are painful but some women do experience an easy labour. Depending on the women, the labour could take up to 20 minutes just as it can take up to 32 hours.
How long is labor on average with the first pregnancy?


First trimester pregnancy: What to expect

Fetal development : Second Trimester

Fetal development : Third Trimester

Week 13-15
Your baby's eyes have begun to face forward and slowly move. Your baby may make sucking motion with her or his mouth. The fat stores begin to develop under the baby's skin. The ears of your baby begins to stand out on the side of his or her head. your baby may be able to hear you.
Week 19-21
Vernix caseosa a greasy, coating begins to cover your baby. The vernix caseosa helps protect your baby's delicate skin from scratching, chapping and hardening. You also may feel your baby move. Your baby gaining more weight and starting to be more active witch make him or her be able to swallow.
Week 22-24
Your baby hair called lanugo starting to be visible this is to help put in place the vernix caseosa on the skin. The baby's eyebrows may be visible as well. Their eye's are moving more fequently and their fingerprint / footprint are starting to form. For girl the uterus and ovaries are in place. For boys the testes are descending from the abdomen. Baby's is sleeping and waking regularly and their (real) hair on his or her head is growing.
Week 25-27
The baby's hand ans startle is reflex are developing. Your baby may be able to respond to some familiar voice by some movement. Your baby growing finger nails. Their lungs are beginning to produce..
Week 28-30
On week 28 your baby's eyes are slowly opening. By week 30 the eye's are usually wide open. During these week you baby's bone are fully developed. Their bone still remain soft. Red Cells are now forming inside of the baby's bone.
Week 34-36
The fingernails of your baby has finally reached the fingertips. He or she is gaining weight rapidly witch mean the baby has less place to give punches. You may fill the stretches, wrinkle and rolls.
Week 31-33
Even tho your baby's lung is fully develop your baby is constantly practicing to breath. The lanugo start to fall off. Your baby's pupils are starting to have more of an concentration. His or her toenails are now visible
Week 37-38
Your baby is in fully term; Their organ are prepared to work on their on and the baby's head may descending you pelvis to prepare for birth.
Week 39-40
The placenta is continually giving antibodies. Your due dates should arrive soon. You shouldn't worry if your due date come one or two weeks early it is normal for your due date to come unsuspecting !
Your almost arriving to the due date! you should now be tired of being pregnant and eager to meet you baby. But remember that your uterus is a very busy place.
Baby's intestine has developed in his or her abdomen from the umbilical cord. The tissue that will become bone is also developing
Your baby's arm are almost to the perfect length. Your baby's neck has obtain more strength. Also your baby's sex will become apparent this week or in the coming week.
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