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Latin American Vacation

No description

Abby Piecuch

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Latin American Vacation

Latin America Vacation! Kingston, Jamaica Jamaican Beaches! Jamaican Jerk Chicken.
Jamaica like's many foods,
spicy, sweet, and chicken! Panama City. Panama Banos, Ecuador The currency in Jamacia
one US dollar equals 87.33
in Jamaican money! The weather in Jamaica
the time Mr. Smeader will
be going,will be around 78-84 degrees.! Jamaica has a Constitutional
Parliamentary Democracy! You will be riding Spirit
Airlines. You will be leaving
May 1st and arriving home on
May 8th. On may first you will
drive to Detroit to depart at 6:35am.
Your seat numbers are 18b and 18c.
You will depart from Detroit and arrive
in Fort Lauderdale at 9:30am. You will
depart from Fort Lauderdale at 2:23pm.
You will arrive in Jamaica at 3:10pm. You will be coming home on May 8th. You will leave Kingston Jamaica at 4:00pm. You will stop in Fort Lauderdale at 6:50pm. Depart at 8:15pm. Arrive in Detroit at 11:15pm. Panama Beach! Foods people like to
eat in Panama are exotic
foods based on their culture The weather in Panama City
when Mr. Smeader is going
the weather will be around
81-87 degrees. The currency in Panama is
one US dollar equals 22.22
dollars in Balboa's While you are in Kingston
Jamaica, you will be going
to the Bob Marley Museum
to learn about Bob Marley.
The second thing you will
be doing is you will be
going to the James Bond
Beach were you can relax
enjoy the beautiful ocean.
The final thing you will be
doing is going to Port Royal,
a historic village where you
will learn about Jamaica's
Past! While you are in Panama
City, you will be goign
to the Punta Culebra. A
nature center. The second
thing you will be doing is
you will be going to the
Embera Indian Village. The
third thing you will be doing
is going to the Barefoot Panama
boat tour. You will learn many
things about the rainforest! Panama has a Represeanative
Democracy! You will be traveling to
Panama City on June 1st
throught the 8th. You will
be riding Delta airlines.
You will depart from Detroit
at 7:30am and arrive in Atlanta
at 9:44am. You will then depart
Atlanta at 5:23pm and arrive in
Panama City at 8:30pm! Enjoy your
stay! You will depart on June
8th at 7:45am. You will
arrive in Atlanta at 12:54pm.
Then depart from Atlanta at
2:45pm and arrive in Detroit
at 4:52pm. Foods people eat in Ecuador
are Shrimp, Patries stuffed
with meat and Guinea Pig. The weather the week
Mr. Smeader is going
to Banos, the weather
will be about 86-91
degrees! The currency in
Ecuador is one US
dollar equals 24,094
Sucre's. While you are in Banos
you will be going to the
Tungurahua. A volcano.
The second place you
will go to is Isla de Banos. This is a Horse riding stable. The third place you will go to is the Geotours. This is a tour about Banos! Banos' government is
a Republic government. You will be leaving
on July 1st. You
will depart from
Detroit at 7:00am.
You will arrive in Quit
Ecuador at 7:25pm.
Take a bus to Banos You will be laeaving
Banos on July 8th.
You will take a bus to
Quito. Depart at 8:35
am. Arrive in Detroit
at 11:00pm. I hope you enjoy!!
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