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Class song by Nader

No description

thames thames

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Class song by Nader

Iam Nader,I love to ride my bike and i am really good indeed
no homework depends on me i am Nader
i am Fabio,I came from Brasil iam a ball of chikens i have no smartness,Iam Fabio
Iam Marci,Iam good at TF2 and i play it all day at home i have homwork,iam Marci
iam Soichiro,iam very small and smart my brain is the smartest in this univers i have two brains,iam soichiro
iam levi,iam car lover iam the biggest tractor lover and i have the biggest tractor,iam levi
iam Daniel,iam a gokart raceriam good and i almost win always so i look cool i have a dog,iam Daniel
Class song by Nader
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