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No description

Zara Gray

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of MStreamIT

Top Up cards
We have recently decided to create top up cards to promote Stream-as-kids-go. A parent or guardians must register their details to get their child a top up card to ensure that the top up card can only be used to buy movies of the right certificate for their age. An adult can top up the cards from as little as £5 to £50 with over 50 suitable movies available for viewing.
About MStreamIT
MSstreamIT is a new way for kids to stream and watch the latest movies available online. you can watch the latest released films on your phone, ipod, tablets or pc and is a quick and easy way to download and watch movies with the appropriate genre of film for your children
why should you sign up?
You should become a member today as MStreamIT is a great way to enjoy family films with a HD picture no matter what the film. We offer amazing deals for films suitable for any age. we can guarantee that films are of great quality and have a wide range of movies.
what movie?
We ensure that your child can watch any film available on our stream as you go but with limited certificate ratings so your child can only watch films within the suitable age range for them. Films made by companies such as DreamWorks, Disney and Pixar all enjoyable and appropriate for your children.
how to sign up
You can sign up today by going onto our website www.MStreamIT-streamasyougo.org and clicking the sign up button in the right hand corner. You simply have to add in your details and we will offer a 20% discount for the first month if you sign up now!
stream as kids go
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