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The Technology of Movies

A presentation of how movies are made and how they have changed over time; animation, special effects, sound etc.

Davis Brock

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of The Technology of Movies

Movies Popcorn! The Beginning 1800s praxinoscope phenakisticope Zeotrope Persistance of vision Pictures change so rapidly, our eyes can only see one for a fraction of a second. Our eyes are seeing so many pictures so fast that our brain only comprehends it as one moving picture. What do you think of when you think about the beginning of movies? So how did movies grow from simple toys to the mind blowing cinema we see today? It all started in 1872 with a bet. Problem Solution This led to many advances in movies such as... The First Science Fiction Film in 1902 The first color film in 1914 The first projectors were little more than magic lanterns fitted with a crank to move the film along. All these were still missing one important element. Sound! Today sound can be achieved through two types of cameras... A single system camera. In this method the sound would be recorded optically by placing a waveform image onto a thin strip of film alongside the image. When played back, the image would translate into soundwaves matching up with the picture. A double-system camera records the sound separately from the film. The first movie that included sound was "The Jazz singer" Made in 1926 Lets move on to current day. How does a camera actually work? Movies would be boring without action and special effects! But that is just film. How are we able to watch it? One of the most common effects is Animation Many times we see totally animated film. But, there are different types of animation. ..Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, made in 1937 Kinetoscope CGI (Computer Generated Image) is the latest technology which affects animation today. Other Effects There are other effects that are accomplished without computers such as explosions, fire, rear projection, and makeup. ? Toy Story, 1995 1952 Tinting 24 times a second! A modern magic lantern CINEMA Future? Top Secret www.visualphotos.com
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