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Mysterious Patterns

No description

Jordaya Dix

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Mysterious Patterns

Unusual and Mysterious Crop Circles What are they? They’re usually discovered in rye, barely, wheat or even corn fields. By bending the crops slightly without breaking the stem or harming the plant a unique, huge geometric shape is formed overnight between a four and seven second time frame usually during the summer months. Zulu Holy Men and tribes from Africa thought of the mysterious patterns as spiritual 1983 the epidemic began to spread in England with bigger patterns and shapes!!!!! July 22,2000 Jerry Szpulecki watched as a crop circle was being formed. Went to bed with any idea of what happened before him. August 21, 2001 A researcher from the BLT discovered another making of the phenomenon in Holland. 80% of the circles are claimed to be man-made, the other 20% unaccounted for. Can you believe that people thought anomals actually made these patterns???!! NOT THE CASE!!!! Theories UFO THEORY When a UFO pulls off into the air an imprint is left on the ground. Underground Theory This states that crop cicles are formed from the ground onto the above surface by electrical magnetics. Lastly, The Plasma Vortex Theory Microwavable ions bend the stems of the crops precisely without the breakage of the stem. From all the reasearch what do I believe??? Dunn dun dunnnnn.... The UFO Theory may be the initial solution I do have support Sum it all up Leave with a little more on these creative formations
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