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No description

Emily Terlap

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Room

Room by Emma Donoghue Laura Rafferty
Greg Rudd
Emily Terlap Emma Donoghue Born in Dublin in October 1969
Parents are Frances and Denis Donoghue
Father was literary critic at New York University
Attended University College Dublin and University of Cambridge
Now lives Ontario Jack Narrator of the story
Born in Room
Believes that there is no Outside
Thinks that TV is made-up
Likes Room
Idolizes Ma
Doesn't want to leave Room Old Nick Ma "I've seen Old Nick through the slats some nights but never all of him close up. His hair has some white and it's smaller than his ears. Maybe his eyes would turn me to stone." (Donoghue 26)

Kidnapped Ma
He brings Sundaytreats to Jack
Jack fears him
Has power over Jack--Jack sees him as the provider Resourceful
Teaches Jack to read and write
Wants to escape
"She nods. 'I know. But listen anyway. There's a Plan B. Plan A was really the first part of Plan B.' 'You never said.' 'It's pretty complicated. I've been puzzling over it for a few days now.'" (Donoghue 121-122). "I'm so scared I can't be brave, stop stop stop but I can't make a sound or he'll guess the trick and he'll eat me...I am Prince Robot Super JackerJack Mr. Five, I don't move." (Donoghue 121) -During the escape plan
-Shows Jack's bravery (motivated by his love for Ma) "'Don't you want to escape?'
'Yeah. Only not really.'
I look at my last piece of hot dog but I don't want it. 'Let's just stay.'" (Donoghue 113)

-Jack likes living in room and doesn't want to leave
-Room is all he knows--Outside is scary "Ma does not a nice laugh. She's looking in the mirror, putting black lines around her eyes and purple on her mouth.
'You're like a clown.'
'It's just makeup,' she says, 'so I'll look better.'
'You look better always,' I tell her." (Donoghue 308). Jack and Ma live in Room. Old Nick brings them food, clothes, and other necessities. In Room, Ma and Jack do exercises, watch TV, and do arts and crafts. When Jack turns 5, Ma wants to escape from Old Nick, but Jack thinks that the Outside does not really exist and wants to stay in Room. Ma comes up with a plan to escape from Room. Jack and Ma fake Jack's death and Ma convinces Old Nick that he should take Jack's body out to a remote area to dump it. A few blocks from Room, Jack jumps out and is attacked by a dog. The dog's owner calls the police. The police find Old Nick and he is put in jail. Jack and Ma go to a rehabilitation center where they receive medical attention. Jack meets his grandparents and other family members. He explores Outside. However, Jack wants to go back to Room. Soon after their escape, Ma attempts suicide. Ma is taken to a mental hospital and Jack is sent to live with his grandmother. For the most part, Jack dislikes living with his grandmother and wants to be with Ma and go back to Room. Read the book to find out the ending. "'Don't you like it outside?'
'Yeah. Not everything.'
'Well, no, but mostly? You like it more than Room?'
'Mostly.'...'Can we go back sometime?'
'Not to live.'
'Just to visit for one minute.'" (Donoghue 315). "Ma's shaking her head. 'It's getting too small.'
'What is?'
'Room...You don't even know what it's doing to you...''' (Donoghue 113) -Ma hates Room and wants to escape
-Worries about Room's effects on Jack ThemeVision People feel trapped by societal constraints and must escape to be happy. Ma feels trapped by Room
Room represents societal constraints
Room prevents Ma and Jack from advancing and being their true selves
Nick represents peer pressure and prevents them from escaping
The escape plan represents Ma and Jack's journey to self-discovery
Jack shows that some people like conformity because it is the only thing they know
Ma shows that people who have experienced diversity want to go back to it People are inherently resistant to change. Jack doesn't want to leave Room at first
Then, when he wants to go back because he is afraid of Outside
When Jack and Ma go to the rehabilitation center, Jack wants to spend all of his time in Room 7 because it is similar to Room
Jack feels comfortable in Room and is resistant to change his lifestyle
Jack doesn't want to meet new people at the park and doesn't want to get "fresh air" because he thinks the air in Room was just fine. People are oblivious to the world around them. Jack lives his entire life not knowing that Outside exists
When he learns about Outside, he doesn't want to believe it exists and yells at Ma for insisting he should believe. Allusions Dora
Escape plan
Backpack to comfort
Dylan the Digger is a comfort
Alice in Wonderland
Used to explain Outside
Jack the Giant Killer
Used to give Jack courage Symbolism Jack symbolizes humanity's inherent resistance to change
Old Nick and Room symbolize societal constraints that people live in
Room represents security
The plot of the story represents a life cycle Point of View The entire book is told in first person
Jack is the narrator
Has limited knowledge of the world
His views shape how readers see the book Feminist Lens Ma is oppressed by Old Nick
Explores gender roles in traditional society Psychoanalytic Old Nick is lonely and disturbed, which causes him to kidnap Ma.
Jack is driven by both his desire to stay in Room, where he feels secure, and by his desire to make Ma happy and live in Outside.
Ma must balance her personal needs and her love for Jack so that Jack is happy Connection to Class Connections to Works we Read in Class Unit 2: Self Discovery
Jack discovers who he truly is by escaping (his love for Ma gives him the bravery to escape) The Stranger
He doesn't like society and people
Jacks doesn't either
Has themes of conformity like Room
Woman at Point Zero
Connections to Feminism like Room
Talks about gender roles through prostitution
Room talks about gender roles through imprisonment Unit 4: Appearance Vs. Reality
To Jack, Room appears to be the entire world, when it's really not The End Works Cited
Donoghue, Emma. Room: A Novel. New York: Little, Brown and, 2010. Print.
"Emma Donoghue Biography." Emma Donoghue - Biography of Emma Donoghue. N.p., 2012. Web. 01 June 2013. <http://emmadonoghue.com/emma-donoghue.html>. Room
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