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cold water vs hot water

we tested plants to see if they would grow better in cold or hot water

logan buckner

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of cold water vs hot water

We tested plants to see if they would grow better in hot or cold water Plant Investigation The question Hypothesis Comparative lab by : Logan Kaminski and
Chris Buckner Will plants grow better in room temperature water or hot water? We believe the plant watered in room temperature water will grow larger than the plant watered in hot water Hot water vs
room temperature Room temperature v.s hot water Do plants grow better in hot or cold water? We are comparing the two different temperatures of water affect on plants Safety concerns

-glass safety- glass could break

-heat safety- hot water Claim We were right with our hypothesis because the room temp. plant grew better. The hot water plant started out taller but really didn't grow all that much more. Evidence The hot water plant started out taller at 230 and ended at 235 mL, but over the long period of time it didn't really grow that much more, and the room temp. plant grew from 210 to 239 mL supplies and materials -2 neanthe bella palm plants
-microwave (for heating the water)
-beaker (for putting the water in to be heated)
-metric ruler that is all you need Any errors No errors at all ! Procedures 1.) water one plant with room temperature water
2.)heat some water up in the microwave for 50 seconds (in a beaker)
3.) water the other plant with hot water
4.)measure plant height in millimeters
5.) repeat daily controls identified IV- the temperature of the water
DV- how the temp. affects the plants growth
Constants- the amount of water / how long the water was heated supplies/materials 1.) Neanthe Bella palm plant
3.)beaker (to hold water in)
4.)microwave (to heat the water )
5.)metric ruler Data Table Graph reasoning plants thrive on the water that is the temperature of the air, it can survive with the hot water but it prefers the room/air temperature water The end Thank you for watching our prezi we hope you liked it we worked really hard on it
-Chris Buckner & Logan Kaminski
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