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Smoking - Should Smoking Be Allowed In Public?

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Julia DuBear

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Smoking - Should Smoking Be Allowed In Public?

I believe that smoking affects the body in a negative way, because people who smoke inhale chemicals. These chemicals destroy the important organs of the body, which help humans live. Therefore, it should not be allowed in public.
Why I Am Interested
I would like to help
prevent people
from participating in this deadly activity. Some people actually think it is cool to smoke, but it is not, and they will most likely
die trying to become cool
. It is very dangerous not just to the smoker, but to those around that and too
many people die
from it
every year
Smoking Helpline (Interesting Facts) - https://www.smokershelp.net/facts-tools/50-health-risks-of-smoking/

Smoke Free (Source 1) - http://www.nhs.uk/smokefree/why-quit/smoking-health-problems

Health Line (Source 2) - http://www.healthline.com/health/smoking/effects-on-body

Smoke Free Gov (Source 3) - http://smokefree.gov/health-effects

What I Already Know
Smoking is very
bad for your health
and it kills many people every year. This is because smokers
become addicted
to it and
develop cancer
in their lungs and other areas of their body. Furthermore, the
second hand smoke
that is produced as people smoke in public, in dangerous for people around those smoking. Inhaling this smoke is
just as bad
as doing the real thing, Sometimes,
second hand smoke kills
more people that smoking itself.
Should Smoking Be Allowed In Public?
Interesting Facts
people every year.
It is the
leading cause of preventable death
Heart disease and stroke are
increased by 2-4 percent
in smokers (compared to non-smokers).
Children are more
vulnerable to second hand smoke
, because they breath faster than adults.
Evidence From Source 1
This website reinforces my thesis. It contains several different sections, on the front page; each section suggest negative ways in which smoking affects different parts of the body (
brain, heart, lungs, etc.
) Including that it causes
gum disease
circulation problems
increased risk of heart disease
increased risk of stroke
, and
Evidence From Source 2
This website further reinforces my thesis, by suggesting even more ways that smoking can negatively affect one's body. Instead of just a few body parts, this gives an
extensive diagram of parts
and how they are negatively affected by this act. It even tells you that it can
cause poor vision
Evidence From Source 3
Once again, this website enforces my thesis. This website further addresses the parts affected negatively by smoking, and how they are affected. One interesting idea given by this site is that smoking
causes tired muscles
more broken bones
. It causes an
increased risk of fractures
and i
njury to the bones
. It also causes a
weakened immune system
and your body will take
longer to heal
Learning Statements
I learned that smoking
not only affects the lungs
, as most people think, but it
pretty much
every organ in your body
It causes an i
ncreased risk of several diseases
such as
heart disease
, and
As people become more and more
addicted to smoking
, it becomes harder to quit and become more dangerous to their body. The
in cigarettes that causes addiction is called

Thanks for Listening!
I believe that smoking should be prohibited in public as it is very injurious to one's health. It is important to understand that there are numerous negative effects against the human body, and it can easily kill many people, if they become exposed to the second-hand smoke.
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