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Guohui Shi

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

"Best Stock": Macy's vs Nordstrom
Financial Information
Stock Market Information
Graph and Stocks
Opinions of Financial Analysts
Assessment of the Future
Final Decision
Brief Introduction
Percent change: Macy's vs Nordstrom vs Dow Jones (10 yrs.)
Macy's : 2.2
Nordstrom: 2.5*
In a ten year time span for investment we would choose Nordstorm
- Better History in stock market
- Retains customers through customer loyalty
- Stable in an unstable industry
- Future Outlook is better

# The mean recommendation of the analysts will vary from 1 (strong buy) to 5 (sell)
Ratios: Macy's Nordstrom and the industry
1858: first store opened in NYC
1902: store moves uptown to its current Harold Square location
1922: Macy's becomes publicly traded company
1924: first Thanks Giving Day Parade
1994-2005: Federated Inc. acquired Macy's and made it the largest department store with over 400 stores nationally.
*Industry Information retrieved from Inc.
** Financial information from 2013 filing and compared to 2012
2007: Federated changed it's name to Macy's Inc.
* Financial Information from Yahoo Finance
** Information comes from 2013 filing and compared to 2012
Target Market
* Financial Information from Yahoo Finance
Macy's target market is the working women from age 25-54.
"Moreover, Macy's......translates into a short-term 'hold' rating."
-Zacks Analyst
"Nordstorms is an investor's long term dream"
-Nikhil Raheja
Nordstorms Future: High potential growth opportunities
- especially with growth online and in Canada
- 22 New Store Openings
- Expect:
High earnings growth
Reduced cash balance
Increase return on investment capitol
Sales growth
Macy's is expected to do the same but at a slower pace.
1901: First store opened up by John Nordstrom and Carl Wallin
Target Market
1958: opened 8 stores in 2 states but still only sold shoes
1999: moved to the New York Stock Exchange
Nordstrom's main target is middle to upper class women, however they do target men just as much.
1978-1995: Opened 46 full-line stores
2009: Introduced E-Commerce inside and outside the U.S.
Any questions?
Feel free, ask away!
Isaac Benoliel, Lauren Bowden, Mary Shi

Industry Trends
* See Yahoo Finance citation
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