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Integumentary and Respiratory System

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on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Integumentary and Respiratory System

Functions of the Integumentary system:
The Respiratory System Facts
Simple Organs of the Respiratory System
Integumentary System
The integumentary system is an organ system that protects the body from damage like loss of water, or abrasion from the outside.
Integumentary System
Integumentary and Respiratory System
Respiratory Problem
The Respiratory system contains organs that are used for respiration in an organism.
Scientific Names of the Respiratory System
Left Primary Bronchus
Right Primary Bronchus
Left Lung
Right Lung
The Lower Respiratory System
It involves inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide between an organisms and the environment.
There are different functions that are involved in the Respiratory system. If one of them stops working then the whole system will stop working.
Integumentary System
Beneath the epidermis, is the dermis. It's made up of 2 sections of papallary and reticular layers and has connective tissues,blood vessels,sweat glands,hair follicles, hair roots,sensory nerve endings and muscular tissue.
The epidermis is the outermost layer, providing the initial barrier, to the external environment.
Integumentary System
By Rhea Bhat, Sakshi, and Rhea Mishra
What is the Respiratory system?
Integumentary System
Integumetary System
The respiratory system is a bunch of functions that work in your body to help you breathe.
Layers of skin
Every function depends on each other. Without this system you wouldn't be able to live
Integumentary System
Protects the body's tissues and organs
Protects the body from infections
Protects the body from dehydration
Protects against sunburns
Stores water,fat,glucose and vitamin D.
The Upper Respiratory System
Human skin also called inguement is made up of 3 layers of tissue: epidermis, dermis,hypodermis.
The deepest layer is hypodermis, which is mostly made up of bodyfat and adipose tissue.
Integumentary System Song
The integumentary ystem has multiple roles in homeostasis, including protection,temperature regulation and much more.
Respiratory Recap:
Respiratory is an ________designed to help you breathe using the ______, nostril, mouth, and ______.
In order for the respiratory system to work properly, all _______ are neccessary.
The respiratory system keeps you _________.
What is the integumentary system's main job?
The hypodermis is mostly made up of _______ and adipose tissue.
What is the name of the outermost layer?
The integumentary system has many roles in the process of homostasis. (True/False)
What is another name for human skin?
To protect the body from damage like loss of water, or abrasion from the outside.
Word Bank:

organ, organ system,alive lungs,heart,oxygen, throat,
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