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Maryum Raina

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Linfen,China

In Linfen,China there is a lot of natural disasters like pollution,floods,earthquakes,hurricanes, tornados,drouths. Natural disasters occur a lot in Linfen China affecting over 200 million people each year.
Linfen is at risk of global warming.There are soon to be major health issues if the pollution continues.The pollution started in the 1990s when the demand for coal increased,along with the price.In 2006,Linfen was included in the 10 Most Polluted Cities list and also in the 10 Dirtiest Cities list.After a series of complaints, a few efforts were made to improve the city.For example,coal trucks were banned from entering the city.As of effects of this situation,I think that farming and growing crops will soon be a rare thing in Linfen.The lakes and rivers will also be polluted which might effect those who drink and use the natural water.Already,people have to wear masks over their nose and mouth to protect them from the air pollution.
Linfen,China has a lot of pollution one of the top 20 worst places in the world. Most people have lung cancer,lots of children are dying, a senicosis, a disease caused by drinking is found in water,plants are being polluted, the children of Shanxi province also have high rates of lead poisoning. That are the problems that linfen, China has due to pollution.
Vegetation and Climate
Linfen has dry winters and hot, humid summers.It gets as cold as -23.1 degrees and as hot as 40.5 degrees.They have 468.4 mm of precipitation yearly which is good for crops. All of this is fine for farming but the real problem is the pollution.Due to pollution; the soil is unusable and there is black dust left over the crops.The quality of the crops has decreased so they are unable to sell and forced to eat them.
Linfen is located in the province of Shanxi, China near the yellow sea and is situated along the Fen River. It has the longitude and latitude of
36 05 N /111 31 E degrees. Linfen was once known as 'The Modern Fruit and Flower Town' because of its spring water,greenery and rich agriculture.Now, its is known as one of the most polluted cities in the world due to it's dangerous coal mining business.
There is a lot of technology in Linfen, china but there is alot of natural disasters the tech stores are falling apart so every year there is less technology so people cant commincate very well.
A the end of 2012, Linfen shut down 160 of 196 of their iron foundries and 57 of 153 coal producing plants. They are also shifting from coal to gas heating and now more than 85% of Linfen uses gas heating.796 boilers were taken out of service.But even if they reduce the amount of coal consumption,there will still be power plants polluting the area.Most of these power plants were made in 1990 and they are designed to run for over 30-50 years which means that they wont be removed for a long time.On February 23,2014, Linfen turned from being the most polluted city to being the model city for environmental protection in an issue of China Youth Daily.
Global Warming
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