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the clas was doing a newspaper.julia got the job for the adv

No description

Deb Ramsey

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of the clas was doing a newspaper.julia got the job for the adv

Eduardo's Summary
chapter 3
chapter 4
Mr.. Chan had the book the whole time. They found out when Mr. Chan came in the room and said he had the book." He left a notwe on the teachers dask that says that he borrowed the book and the note flew away
chapter 2
Julia's family help'ed her by giving advice to her so she could hang up posters for the advice colunm.
chapter 1
The class was doing a newspaper. Julia got the job for the advice colunm.
Someone gave a note to Julia but she can't figure out who is worried wittness.
Julia is trying to find out clues to see who is worried wittness.Gladeys told Julia to give a handwriteing sample from each student in her class.
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