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POETRY: Simile & Metaphor

Sec 1B Lit Term 2 Week 3 Tuesday

Chong Chia Hwei

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of POETRY: Simile & Metaphor

Two things that need to be addressed before we proceed... 1. Stay in your seats. Metaphors Worksheet: ‘Scissors’ poem POETRY: Similes & Metaphors But What Are Similes? “A simile compares one thing as being similar to another, and often uses the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ to link the two things.” A form of comparison between two similar things, but not all the qualities of the two things are the same. 2. Raise your hand when you want to speak. Structure
The form that poems take
The subject and emotion
the poet wants to convey
The images the poet evokes in your mind to point to you the message Recap: Poetry so far... You have all written your own similes on the LinoIt canvas. Let's return to our LinoIt Canvas... A form of comparison that asks us to imagine one thing as being another thing in every way Similes 1. 'I have a bird in my hand.' What is the most important feature of this 'bird'? 4. When does the bird seem to be bored? 7. How does he react when is offered silk to bite? 10. What simile tells us how the bird treats a cardboard box? 11. What feelings does he show as he 'worries' the box? Conclusion Today we learned about SIMILES and METAPHORS. Go home and read the rest of the poems in the worksheets you have been given. Next lesson:
Onomatopoeia and Introduction to our poetry writing task Victoria School is a rose.
Beautiful and enjoyable,
The precious memories made
are the petals that form the rose. A student in VS
is a surfer on choppy waters.
The recurring waves cause many falls and even the danger of death.

Life in VS is like a rose.
It's beautiful and a place to enjoy in life. Somewhere where precious memories can be made . Just like the petals of a rose. Life in VS is like surfing on choppy waters where there are times that you may encounter difficulties. (On the last page of your poetry package)
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