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World Hunger

No description

Paigh Denmark

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of World Hunger

In the end,
Is it our responsibility?
It IS our moral obligation to help
There is no right answer.
This needs to be decided on an individual level. Where does your moral compass point?
What Can You Do?
World Vision
3 ducks for $21
= eggs and meat full of protein for necessary macro nutrients
the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community,
based on a shared morality.
Kwame Anthony Appiah
7 billion people on earth
Birth rate is more than double the death rate
Nearly half of the deaths in children under five are due to malnutrition
Hunger is a form of population control
World Hunger:
Are We Responsible?

It's NOT our moral obligation
people in the world are currently
suffering from undernourishment
kids in developing countries
are underweight
Not our moral obligation
2011-2012 only
of adults in the U.S.
were considered to be underweight,
were to be considered obese.
With the blatant overindulgence
that first world nations partake in,

Everyone Has Different Beliefs
first world nations should work together to help the struggling countries because they have the resources to, and it could eventually affect them in the future
Underdeveloped countries do have the resources to provide for their population, and should be able to fend for themselves.
$30 billion USD
would end
world hunger.
Americans gave $358 billion to charity in 2014.
Where's the money going?
Not where you thought it was going...

While others think..
Is Overpopulation
a factor?

By: The Caustic Mithridates:
Breanna, Paigh, Lee, Heather, & Landon

795 million
“Hunger is not an issue of charity.
It is an issue of justice.”
– Jacques Diouf
1 out of
every 6
Obesity is the 2nd largest cause of preventable death
Do we have a moral obligation
to help the hungry or
are is it up to them to
fend for themselves?
Some Think..
Is there enough food for everyone?
What is impacting overpopulation?

What happens when earth cannot sustain our population?
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