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Lit Final

No description

Homayoon Behroozian

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Lit Final

I wasn't made to take orders. My grandmother used to tell me: 'Laws are for idiots.' She was right. (Marjane Satarpi) There are two important essences in human lives: freedom of choice and integrity. Everyone has her/his own choices and they are free to choose what they want to the extent that they are not harmful to others. “Dictator! You are the Guardian of the Revolution of this House!” Ignorance of human rights Ignorance of people obligates people to surrender. When people in a country feel under pressure, they may immigrate to other countries despite they know the anticipated hardness. The only reason for their immigration is a hope to reach freedom of choice where people have integrity and honesty. “Well, I would have much preferred to have had a normal childhood. I would have loved it if my greatest dilemma, at 14, was whether to go to Benetton for my pullovers. I would have preferred not to have cried all the tears I have cried.” Marjane Satarpi Vileness in Society Prohibitions and limitations for people will obligate them to do their interests in a secretive manner. An Extremist government like Iran forbids people to have basic human need; sex.

Limitations for freedom of choice will make people to fear such government that ignores them. “It's fear that makes us lose our conscience. It's also what transforms us into cowards.” Marjane Satarpi Vileness in Society In story there are two important incidents that portray how people secretively did what they wanted and how they felt scary. Marji’s family has been stopped by police while they were drunk. So, they had to throw away all wines in toilet to not be punished.

Marji’s father told her to meet with her boyfriend in their house since they have been caught by police for loving each other. “I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” Misuse of Power by Government Governments misuse their power when they ignore the people’s rights. They misuse different sources to manipulate people. Iran’s government abused Islam and cheated many people. Their main purpose was to make fair social classes. Not only Iran’s government did not bring that change, but also created a dictatorship that made the situation worse. “I had learned that you should always shout louder than your aggressor.” Marjane Satarpi Misuse of Power by Government “It's true that, in Iran, women have half of the rights men do. And yet 66 per cent of students are women.” Marjane Satarpi Iran’s government officials used their power in various places to bother people. It shows that there was vileness in government too. Marjane’s mother got insulted by two religious persons vulgarly, which is not even according to their own beliefs. It shows their Islamic mottos were only in words, not in action to be a perfect member of society that does not bother others. The following points should be considered to reach freedom of choice within integrity: Regime only must be republic
No one should be prohibited from their beliefs, religion, whatsoever. Everyone should teach integrity to their children as Grandmother did with Marji.
There should not be any differences of rights between social classes. “The reason for my shame and for the Revolution is the same: the difference between social classes.” Persepolis page 33 Conclusion Freedom of choice within integrity is only possible in a real republic regime. “He who wrongs our thoughts, he wrongs humanity.” Ali Hashemi Questions?
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