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haile middle school engineering Zachary g


Zachary G

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of haile middle school engineering Zachary g

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
We use this design process to create and innovate current day machines and items.
Mechanical engineering is one of the largest, and oldest engineering disciplines around. Mechanical engineers use materials, and mechanics to design and create modern day machines. They create the processes and systems that push technology to where it is today. I'm interested in this because I love building and designing my own contraptions at home. I really think that this branch fits me very well. The career paths of Mechanical engineers all depend on what you want to do, if you want to build skyscrapers you can that's why I like this branch. Mechanical engineering students study problem-solving skills and analysis skills. They also study thought process skills and skills that will benefit your lifetime career. That is why this is one of the biggest industries out there.
They could have used laser engraving to cut out certain parts of the triangle.
They could have used SolidWorks to design the curved metal pipes.
This is the E-Car's rear wheel with a groove,it fits to the rear axle. One important tool I used in SolidWorks is the Extruded Boss/Base, this tool extended the circle to a wheel.
This is the E-Car's other back wheel,it fits to the rear axle. I also used the Extruded Boss/Base feature, this feature is commonly used throughout the E-Car.
This is the E-Car's front wheel which also fits to the front axle. (aparnetly there is only three wheels.) Again,I used the Extruded Boss/Base feature for this part.
This part is called the motor mount.
This part attaches to the motor to the
E-Car chassis.
This is the E-Car motor that powers the E-Car.
This is the E-Car's front axle.
The front wheel attaches to this axle.
This is the E-Car's rear axle. The rear wheels attach to this axle.
The X-axis is the horizontal axis. This axis is usually used for the bottom of a graph.
The Y-axis is the vertical axis. This is usually used on a graph to measure the number of a set circumstance.
The Z-axis is the axis used to measure the depth of a three dimensional figure.
We used these these three axises in the laser engraver to cut out our business cards.
2.5 gallons is about 20 pounds.
They relate through if the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the tower.
The Ruler Game:
Score 1: 300
Score 2: 70
Score 3: 200
Score 4: 100
Score 5: 280
Score 6: 150
Score 7: 300
Score 8: 150
Score 9: 230
Score 10: 400
Daily Work:
This is the isometric and side view of the Shell Car I'm working on in SolidWorks. Also this is for the TSA competition coming up soon.
Prezi post for
the week:
The project will be a innovation in desirability because it is appealing to people. The tower will be made of Legos (a very good childhood memory to many) and it will be very colorful. The project will be a innovation in capability because of how fast it will drain. It will also be able to fill up extremely fast( fast enough to win the competition!) The project will be a innovation in viability because it is very useful. If this were a life size tower it could hold thousands of gallons of water, enough to supply a whole town. Over all th water tower will dominate the competition because all of the advantages it has over the other towers. The color, the speed it will have while draining, and the overall design of the tower can and will win this competition. This water tower is a true innovation.
Conduct some research and explain the phenomenon known as "elastic collisions" in regards to comparing wooden bats to aluminum bats?
An elastic collision is a encounter between two things in which the total amount of kinetic energy before and after the collision is the same. If wooden bats and aluminum bats were to hit each other at the same speed most of the time the aluminum bat will break the wooden one. Same thing with other things like cars, a Fort Truck will smash a Nissan Mini. When the two bats collide the kinetic energy (moving energy) before they hit each other is the same as the kinetic energy after they hit. In a car crashing lab two or three cars will hit each other at the same speed (kinetic energy) but the angles will be different. There will be different outcomes but all of the cars will have the same kinetic energy after they collide. The aluminum bat is also stronger than the wooden bat, resulting in different elasticities between them. That is why this is called a phenomenon, not only can you see the molecules collide into each other but also open many different oppertunities.
I just finished my score card for the water tower competition.
This is my pumpkin that I created for the annual pumpkin creating competition.
I am using the
feature in SolidWorks to
simulate how the c02
dragster does in a virtual
wind tunnel.
Most wind tunnels have several large
fans that blow air through a long tunnel.
Any object that is to be tested is secured to the tunnel so it does not move. When someone starts up the fans air will blow around the object. If smoke or dye is added then the way the air moves around the object can be visible. This can be measured in many different ways.
Not only planes or space shuttles can be tested but also anything you want to find the aerodynamics for, like a football.
Lots of special tools are used to see things like how much force the air has.
So basically wind tunnels are giant testing tubes to find out the aerodynamics of an object. And that really means ANY object. Golf ball, sure why not, R.C. car, it's worth a try!
This is a snip of the feature in SolidWorks. This is also the last step for the Co2 Shell Car.
One major thing that Mike said was,"The show turned out completely different than any of us predicted." The skills gap is when there are tons of open jobs but there is not enough skilled people to take the jobs. A governor couldn't finish a power plant because he didn't have enough certified welders to finish it.
Here there is a lot of tension so the splines need to be adjusted.
Any normal water rocket works by having
air pumped into the bottle filled with water. After a certain point the cap on the bottle will pop off, resulting in downward thrust thus pushing the rocket up. It is simple but easy and fun to do.
These are some different views of the Co2 dragster in SolidWorks.
The least paying job I found was around $20,000 a year.
CNC machines are used for milling out a product from a material. It is a benefit to the workforce because it opens up a lot more jobs in the computer industry. It is also much faster so you can get more product out.
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
To finish my Co2 Dragster for the district (and hopefully state) competition. Or to make a complete 1 to 1 scale drawing of it.
To chisel or cut the blank to make my dragster, and learn some basic wood cutting tricks while doing it. Or to mill it out using the mill.
I have completed
the tutorial for Camworks and I'm doing some final touches before milling it out.
I have cut out, sanded down, and painted my dragster. Now I have to wait until the paint dries.
The highest was $125,000
Objective: To make the foot stool on SolidWorks and cut it out on the laser engraver.

Goals: Learn how to laser engrave things out and assemble it to finish.

I am currently choosing the wood to cut out the foot stool.
The seven wastes of manufacturing
1 Overproduction: To make something more, less, or sooner than what the customer wants.

2 Inventory: Work in progress items that are not getting value added.

3 Waiting: Things that wait for work cycles to finish.

4 Motion: Not needed motion of things in a process.

5 Transportation: Not needed motion of things between processes.

6 Rework: Not right the first time so needs to be reprocessed.

7 Over Processing: Something getting processed beyond the standards the customer sets.
Bridge Terms
Compression: stress when objects are pushed together
Dead Load: The weight of the structure without any other variable
Deflection: How far a beam can bend
Force: external push or pull resulting in the objects shape or causing movement
Live Loads: Weight of a structure with other variables involved
Moment: the likelyness of a force to cause a rotating motion
Shear: stress on a link in different directions
Tension: stress created by pulling away from one another
Stress: an objects resistance to external forces
Strain: the changing shape of an object by force
Abutment: a part of a structure that accepts an arch
This is a bridge I designed in West Point Bridge Builder.
The structural efficiency for my balsa wood bridge is 3.326089015.
Structural Efficiency
Walk-a-long glider
I made this model of the Jag wing in our Solidworks program.
New school year 2013-2014
What is career and technical education?

CTE for short, involves lots of things with technology. CTE helps high school, and college students. CTE can be marketing, public safety, and transportation education. CTE helps students who want to learn about technology, and the different fields of it. CTE prepares students and adults with the knowledge and skill to succeed in finding high-wage, high-demanding jobs. CTE helps growing businesses by providing lots of up-to-the-task workers. In Washington for every 1 dollar invested into CTE programs , the state earns 9 dollars in revenues. In Tennessee CTE returns 2 dollars for every 1 dollar invested. Overall, CTE is a wonderful program for willing minds to learn about technology.
Week 1: Throughout the week organization and inventory all of the robotics kits. Disassembly of another robot took place.
Week 2: Students designed their own robot design in a technical drawing.The students studied the new rules of the new VEX game.
Identify how technologies can be used to repair damage caused by natural disasters and to break down waste from the various products and systems

New technology in Kansas allows early detection of sinkholes. First they pulse a radio signal into the ground and it reflects different materials from the ground. This technology helped detect a sinkhole in an airport on the taxiway and saved lives. SteraMist was used within hours of hurricane Sandy occuring. SteraMist deactivates organic compounds and
quickly and effectively kills viruses, bacteria, spores, mold, and fungi
in the air and on surfaces. This fast-acting biological disinfection
leaves no residue or noxious fumes and is environmentally friendly. Simple things like recycling, storing information on computers, and bikeing short distances helps the enviorment. There are many programs that take part in saving the envoirment, and inspire others to do the same. Eventually these small things will make a big difference in the long run, and save the Earth.
Week 3: Students completed their technical drawings of their robots. Final design of the robot began.
Explain the importance of water towers, and how they work. How much does 2.5 gallons of water weigh?

2.5 gallons is 20.8 pounds. Power outages, and phone outages are common things that just happen. But water is always there because water pressure is very reliable. The average swimming pool is about 20,000 to 30,000 gallons. An average water tower can hold up 50 times that much! A water tower when full can supply water for a community for a day. First water comes from the treatment plamt. Then the water gets pumped into two different paths. Last the water will go to either a water tower, or to the customers.

Week 4: Throughout the week students gave a presentaion of the final design of the robot.
Explain how solar energy moves a viechel

Solar panels are hooked up to a generator. The generator can be used to refil and power different things while using solar power. For example, the generator is refilling a battery. Then the battery can power vehicles and other things that use power. As long as it is day time you will have an unlimited supply of power. Although it is not a lot of power it is a start, and we can build bigger and better solar panels that can produce more power, I think this is the solution to mankind's power problem.
Week 5: Students in TSA chose the different categories they want to compete in the district competitition.
Week 6: Students continue to work on their district competitions.
Soul craft video

He used 7 different measuring tools. They varied from handheld calipers, to sophisticated angle measuring tools. Computers could improve the process by automating the process. Also making more precise measurements than doing them by hand. Computers could do a lot of the manual work involved in the process. In the video he transfers the chassis to different machines. He could use computers to tell the chassis to move when finished at one station. For the measurements, the computer would automate all of them to make it perfect. If he used computers all of the bikes he would make would be ferfect to the last millimeter.
This is the finished assembly of the solar car
This is the finished drawing of the solar car
In TSA i'm working on the solar car and VEX
This is a pop quiz in SolidWorks
When was the first electric motor created, and how did it change the way we do work?

The first electric motor was created by a British scientist in 1832. It was dc electric run. This was a gigantic innovation for the workers because it would involve into cars and many more electric run items. It would turn out to be great for manual workers who wouldn't break their backs because of work. This technology did, and still continues to change the world today. Even tohugh we take all of our advenced technology for granite, back in the day all of this was huge innovations and I think we should give more respect to the founding fathers of common day technology.
10/10 work: Student in vex robotis worked on Microsoft Word to create a table, introduction, and biography.
The new Iphone has 4 high qualty speakers at the top. It has a camera in the bottom right hand corner. It has a 3.5 mm standard plug for most headphones.
The revolutaionary case is a magnetic case with bendable corners to fit the new Iphone or any other old or new phone.
Explain how the use of robotics in the medical field improves the overall quali of life.

Robots and robotics have improved the medical field greatly. Robotic arms have provided steady "hands" to perform delicate surgeries saving thousands of lives. Robots have also done things humans can not do like going into radioactive areas.
A de laval tube is a tube pinched in the middle making a hour-glass like shape. The de laval tube squeeses gas to super sonic speeds. It supposedly made the rocket go from 314 m/s to 2434 m/s exhaust speed.


Week Of 2/10/14
Students still working on robotics have completed a flip arm and intake combo to pick up bucky balls.
Gear ratio is the ratio of the velocity of the input gear to the velocity of the output gear. In a low speed situation, If the driver gear has more teeth than the driven gear it will take the driver gear less rpm to make a full revolution of the driven gear. In a low speed situation, it will be vise versa if the driver has less teeth than the driven it will take more rpm the make the driven gear to do a full rotation.
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