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The Summer of My German Soldier

My book report

McKenzie Sterner

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of The Summer of My German Soldier

The Summer of My German Soldier Author: Bette Greene Publisher: Laurel-Leaf Books Pages: 199 Genre: Hisrorical Fiction Introduction My book is a historical fiction, telling of a
jewish girl who seeks love from her
family and friends. But when she finds none
she turns to a captured solider. Point of view: First Person Author's Tone: Emotional Setting Where? Jennkinsviile, Arkansas When? During World War II Main Characters Patty Bergen Ruth Fredrick Anton Reiker Her father's store Patty's Hideout Patty's House The P.O.W. site Ruth Supporting
Characters Mr.Bergen Mrs.Bergen Sharon Bergen Motivation At the begining of the book Patty reacted bored because she was neglected and there was no place where she belonged. Then when Anton arrives Patty gets excited because she's found someone who loves her and understands her. At the end of the book Patty's feelings unravel as she finds out who she is meant to be. Recommendation Wonderful and emotionally enticing. Although I didn't care for the ending the writer makes this book jump off the page and into your life. Summary Patty Bergen has a strange family life. Her mother loves only her looks. Her father thinks he's not loved and takes it out on Patty. And her litle sister Sharon loves to steal the show. So where is Patty in this? Nowhere.
Patty has no friends, doesn't do well in school, and not even her family likes her. So she's left alone with her dictionary and Ruth, the housemaid. But when when a P.O.W. camp is established in Jennkinsville, Patty's life spins around her. A German she met in her father's store escapes and she helps him take refuge in the old serveants quarters behind her house.
Patty risks her life to keep the only man who loved her like a father;in... The Summer of My German Soldier Theme I believe the lesson in this story is to remind us what happens to those that we don't love and that love is so strong. It also shows what we will do for those we love and those who love us. Patty risked her life because Anton was kind to her. But it also came with a price. Point of View: 1st person The End He father's store Patty's hideout The P.O.W. Camp Her house Main Characters Patty is the girl in my story and she is speaking in it. Ruth is the housemaid and gives Patty solid advice. And Anton Reiker is the escaped soldier.
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