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Metric System

To introduce the metric system and simple conversions

Anjel Berry

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Metric System

King Henry Doesn't [Usually] Drink Chocolate Milk Kilo- Hecto- Deka- [unit] Deci- centi- Milli- Kids Have Dropped over Dead Converting Metrics What kind of unit? gram liter CONVERTING METRICS IS EASY shall we Make Our Own? A dress costing $50 with 10% off means I save how much off? Kilo- Hecto- Deka- [unit] Deci- centi- Milli- meter Giga-10x9 Mega-10x6 micro-10x-6 nano-10x-9 take away 0s Add 0s 1 kilometer =
10 hectometers
= 100 dekameters
= 1000 meters
= 10 000 decimeters
= 100 000 centimeters
= 1 000 000 millimeters

1 milliliter =
0.1 centiliters
= 0.01 deciliters
= 0.001 liters
= 0.000 1 dekaliters
= 0.000 01 hectoliters
= 0.000 001 kiloliters 2.54 cm to km 1 L to ml
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