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145th Street Short Stories

No description

Jameshia Nevills

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of 145th Street Short Stories

145th Street Short Stories
By:Jameshia Nevills
1. Big Joe's Funeral
2. The Baddest Dog In Harlem
3. Fighter
4. Angela's Eye's
5. The Streak
6. Monkeyman
7. Kitty & Mack: Love Story
8. A Christmas Story
9. A Story In Three Parts
10. Block party-145th street style
Stories In The Book.
Big Joe's Funeral was very silly, it was about a man named big Joe who decided he wanted to have a funeral for himself while he was still alive at his Bar-B-Que shop on 145th street. He wanted everyone to have a good time & so that he could be appreciated. He had Leroy brown & his band to play. Peaches didn't like the idea at all. peaches was sadie's daughter , a widow lady big joe had been trying to marry.
Big Joe's Funeral Summary .
Song for Big Joe's Funeral
The Baddest Dog In Harlem
The Fighter
Song For Baddest Dog In Harlem
Angela's Eye's
I Picked This
Song By Raven Symone Because Its about raven seeing in the future & Angela See's in the future To, both of them had negative affects on different people when they told them what they saw.
I picked this song by Morgan Mason because when men was fighting & he lost it was sad because he needed the money to pay his bills.
The Streak
The Streak is like a mystery, Its about a guy who was having a streak of bad luck, He didn't know what was going on until Freddy told him. After a While, He Bad luck turned in to good luck & he was trying to get the girl of his dream
I Picked this song by Chris Putin see you again, because This is the kind of song you would play at a funeral before you knew big joe was dead & this how his family would've felt.
This story is about a girl who can see in the future when she sleep. Everybody Started to get scared after She dreamed freddie was dead. Then People like titi didn't even want her looking at them because she was scared she would dream about her next. , later she stop telling her dreams it was the best thing to do.
The fighter is about a man Billy named who was a boxer , but his wife didn't want him to box anymore because she was scared he was going to get hurt. But he boxed anyway & losted the fight to Danny Vegas.
Song For Streak
I picked this song by clint Black a good run of bad luck because while he had bad luck he was waiting for his streak to turn into good luck.
Kitty & Mack: Love Story
This was a romantic story, it was about two people that were in love until mack got shot & felt like his life was over he didn't want to talk to nobody not even kitty. But kitty still loved him & she dropped out of school to help him.
Song For Kitty & Mack: Love Story
I picked this song because the way kitty was still there for mack when he got hurt & like the way she feels in this song.
A Christmas Story
Song For A Christmas Story
I Picked this song by a Chruch Crowd because at
the end everything worked out
& they had a good
Block Party : 145th street style
Song For Block Party: 145th Street Style
I picked this song By Miley Cryus because just like how there's a party on 145th street its a party in the u.s.a
Peaches gets mad at her mother about marrying big joe. Her mother asks her if she doesn't want her to marry Big Joe, she won't , she don't want them to marry. To cheer Peaches up, they go to the block party. J.T. was a boy who was known for stealing. So Peaches was calling him a thief so he left. After Peaches cooled down, she wanted to give him a plate of food to say sorry , They went to where they thought he lived, but found out he lived on the roof. Peaches went up and fought JT to find his mother there with him. Peaches told the narrator to get Big Joe. In the end, Big Joe helps them and gets married.
O'Brien saved mother Fletcher life. She said thanks by sending him a sweater. After they got close. they talked more to each other. Mother Fletcher invited him and his family for dinner on Christmas day. So his family spent Christmas night with a friend. This story was about family and friends because they all united together on a special holiday.
the cops are looking for a person with an automatic weapon in an apartment. Police surrounded their window. Then, an officer slipped on some dog poo and his gun fired at the narrator bu not hitting him. people started thinking other things. the person who lived in the apartment was Mary Brown. She was not in the apartment at the time. A cop grabbed the narrator's arm and took him up to the apartment. The "terrorist" was Mary's dog, which was killed. As the cops were leaving Mary's apartment, the next apartment caught their eye. It was open. They stepped inside. An innocent little boy was killed.
This story is a about a group called Tigros & they was doing bad thing. so one day the Tigros girl was trying to cut peaches after they losted a fight to her then monkeyman came & saved peaches . so the Tigros was looking for monkeyman saying he must die. They was meeting monkeyman at the park so they could beat him up & he brought his god mother & granddad to watch. soon the tigros stop messing with people
Song for Monkeyman
I picked this song by idina Menzel because this shows how brave monkeyman was when they came looking for him
A Story in Three Parts
Big Time had did his daily routine of asking his
grandmother for money. Every time he did, she would go on to tell a story about old times. This time she talked about Doll. Doll was slave with children. She begged her mistress not to sell her. Her wish was fulfilled. when a person came to buy slaves, he took the children. Doll's mistress allowed some time alone with her kids. She killed them. Death was better than life, in their cases. Big Time got the money and left. Sweet Jimmy is a drug supplier. Big Time paid him money for an injection that got him high. During that period of time, Sweet Jimmy and Big Time talked about the S.A.T.s. Big Time needed to escape. So he always went to an old building roof. When he got up there, he saw a little boy. His name was Benny and lived on an avenue. They talked for a moment. All of a sudden, there was a blast of fire on the side of the building.
I Picked this Song by a Church Choir Because of when the grandmother was telling the stories about slaves this goes with it on how the slaves felt.
I Picked this song by Monica Big Mistake But It was a Big mistake hen They shot the innocent Kid.
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