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No description

charlie bieber

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of magnuim

magnum Yum Yum Lovley Magnum Gold
The Rich And Creamy Chocolate
Just Melts In Your Mout And
The Soft Vinilla Ice Cream
Taste Magnificantly Creamy
And Just Melt As Soon As It Hits Your Tounge. There are lots of different types of magnum such as coconut, magnum gold magnum cramel and magnum light, but it dosent stop there you can also get a white chocolate magnum as well as dark and milk. You can smell the milky chocolate.
You can tase the creamy golden white ice cream.
You can fell the coldness of the ice that is wraped warounded the magnum like a blanket of snow.
You can hear the crunching of the crakling chocolate as your teeth sink into the gloriouse soft creamy center.
You can see the rich layer of cocolate as you take one bite of this magical moment. you will never want to stop eating it . To make a magnum: YOU START WITH A RICH LAYER OF CHOCOLATE THEN YOU PLACE A THICK LAYER OF CREAMY ICE CREAM AND CLOSE THE TOP OF YOUR MAGNUM LIKE A SANDWICH BY PLACEY ANOTHER LAYER OF CHOCOLATE OVER THE TOP. ALSO AVALIBLE IN MANY STORES. please enjoy this short advert for a magnum Thank you for watching please but magnum becouse you wont regret it.
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