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Fantasy, Horror and the Old Country

No description

Zed Rojas

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Fantasy, Horror and the Old Country

The supernatural seems irrational, superstitious, archaic and primitive. So far, the natural world has provided explanations for the previously mysterious unknown: social psychology, psychiatry, chemistry, mathematics, biology, medicine, physics, astronomy, geology and history have aided humanity and preserved our mental and physical health and extended our lives.
by: Anna Felicia Sanchez
The controversy wasn’t born in the twentieth century. Illiterate societies are marked by their mythological presentation of history, where time and place exist in fuzzy disarray, along with an equally mythical present, with no true systematology. The compulsion to explain all phenomena in a consistent, integrated form is a hallmark of a literate society, particularly one that employs a linear alphabet, which forces the mind to think in terms of “this, therefore that.”
“Supernatural” would then refer to those phenomena that will not fit into such a system, either because they operate in a manner inconsistent with that system, or because they are inherently unobservable, unmeasurable or inexplicable.
Fantasy, Horror and the Old Country
Folklore is the traditional art, literature, knowledge, and practice that is disseminated largely through oral communication and behavioral example. Every group with a sense of its own identity shares, as a central part of that identity, folk traditions–the things that people traditionally believe
Folklores should not be considered as true or real because folklores are just stories made by our ancestors as a way to teach people the tradition of those people around you... Folktale teaches you the do's and don't of your people cultures.
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