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Glaucus Atlanticus

No description

william kenealey

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Glaucus Atlanticus

The amazing physical appearance Life Cycle Adaptations Sea slug.com They lay there egg in strands that
get up to 1.75 cm long. They live on the surface,
and float around freely They wrap their Tentacles around
prey to keep from being eaten Sources Glaucus Atlanticus Their bodies are very flat, but not as flat
as a piece of paper.
Their skin is very smooth, and they have
long skinny tentacles. By William Kenealey Fun Fact The Glaucus Atlanticus has many names like the Sea Dragon. Picture of Glaucus Picture of Glaucus Atlanticus floating in the water picture of egg strands Fun Fact There are tons of them left in the world picture of Glaucus large number ~~~~**~~~~ ~~~~~**~~~~ Location Three Glaucus Hold on for
the ride Map Fun Fact They are related to many animals such as sea horses and manta rays. Glaucus Sea horse Manta ray Google images Sea slugs of Hawaii.com A-Z animals.com Eol.org Hope ~~~~**~~~~ You Enjoyed Picture of Glaucus
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