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Programming Project: Candace Fleming

Based on my Author Visit Plan, this Prezi presentation visually reflects Budgeting, Delivering, Scheduling, Preparing, and Marketing the Author Visit Program as a Common Core enhancement opportunity for the High School Library.

Sara Maimone

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Programming Project: Candace Fleming

Biographies Written by Students Programming Project
Presentation Candace Fleming Making complete use of their role, instruct and demonstrate how to use online resources appropriately while integrating technology by accessing the Internet and Skype during the Author Visit; Website Budgeting Write a proposal that will be submitted to the Board
of Education, requesting that Candace Fleming visit
Ocean City High School for a Skype Author Visit;

Candace Fleming will connect with selected students
from the English and History departments (linking
with one another through case, support, and
perspective) for one school day during each
instructional period;

This special program may take place in the High
School Library to integrate 21st century technology
skills with students and teachers by making use of
our equipment (the projection screen, computers,
tablets, cameras, microphones, etc.) "One key to the Core Curriculum and Nonfiction is the recognition that books have authors, and authors have research strategies, styles, and points of view. One way to share insight with students, and also help them in the speaking and writing strands of the CC, is to bring a NF author to your library." Argument Evidence It took Candace Fleming three years to write "Amelia Lost" and five years to complete "The Lincolns." While she immerses herself in the lives of her subjects so that she "feels close to them," Candace Fleming not only researches their story but travels and journeys through the history. Classroom Cast Delivery Method: Skype Marketing & Programming: Random House Argument Evidence Point of View Created by
Sara Maimone
For 17:610:596:90
Rutgers University "I like to write Biographies because I like the puzzle of people's lives...proving to people what we know isn't necessarily accurate." Point
View Candace Fleming Amelia Earhart
P.T. Barnum
The Lincolns
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ben Franklin Creating a Skype Author Visit
to Support the Common Core MARC ARONSON,
"Introduction to the Author Visit Programming Project" The Librarian The use of technology is critical throughout all grade levels therefore making the integration of 21st century skills into daily instruction a priority within the realm of education and CC standards. The Librarian, Faculty, & Students Scheduling at OCHS: The schedule rotates the same amount of classes over four days to increase instructional time per class period;
Longer periods allow for more active learning strategies and performance assessments, providing time for research, reports, debriefings, and closure. Meet with the English & History department leaders. Select a date for the Author Visit. Assign specific classes to the Library during each period. Preparing books for
a cluster: Preparing questions for the visit: Newspapers TV/Media Written by Candace Fleming
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