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Unit 4: Evaluations

No description

Clare Paniccia

on 28 November 2016

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Transcript of Unit 4: Evaluations

An 'Evaluation' is a type of argument in that you must defend or describe why something fits a certain number of criteria
These criteria are determined by our own experiences, ideas, and opinions
When we evaluate something, we are deciding why it is our favorite, least favorite, etc.
The criteria are what make up our judgment on why or why not this particular thing is well-liked or well-hated
What Does it Mean to Evaluate?
Evaluating with Criteria
Genres of Evaluation
Unit 4: Evaluations
Why is this Important?
Understanding Criteria
What Makes a Good Evaluation Argument?
We look to Evaluations to give us a good idea of what we can expect from a certain thing, experience, idea, etc.
Examples of Evaluations include: reviews (movies, video games, food...), evaluations of colleges/universities, policy evaluations (why policies are good or bad)
When we Evaluate something, we can personally explain our stance on why we think a certain way about a particular topic or thing
This is the basis of a good argument in that Evaluations let us come up with unique/original ideas that must be defended or explained
When you Evaluate something, the goal is usually to convince someone of your viewpoint or persuade them to see a topic from your perspective (key for arguments)
Evaluations draw upon our other skills: reflection, observation, and investigation
We have established that 'criteria' are what allow us to form opinions about specific things
We judge things to be good or bad based on:
Practical Criteria (whether something works well)
Aesthetic Criteria (because something is beautiful or ugly)
Ethical Criteria (because something is or is not just/fair)
When we make Evaluations, we may be using all or none of these criteria
Discuss an interesting and worthwhile topic
Describe the subject of your evaluation
Choose the appropriate criteria
Explain your criteria
Be fair
Support your judgments with evidence
Consider your audience
Conclude with strength
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