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Romes Accomplishments

No description

aaliyah highsmith

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Romes Accomplishments

Romans Science , engineering, artitecture, art, litecture, language, and law
Science and Engineering
The roman scientist took their work seriously they wanted results to benefit there society so they studied the stars to create calendars and plants and animals to learn how to obtain better crops and meat. the roman doctor Galen ,who studied the body, was an great doctor who was a surgeon and he described values or the heart as well as the differences between arteries and veins. The romans were great buliders they built the cement by mixing a mineral called lime mixed with volanic ash and rock. Most of the romans designs were used for there stuctures and their arches were very important to the techinque.
Artchitecture and Art
The romans admired beauty. They copied some old greek designs. the roman artists were known for there beautiful mosaics, paintings, and statues. The mosaics and paintings were mostly used to decorate bulidings. most paintings were frescos ,a type of painting done on plaster. Most romans were very skilled at creating protraits and also so were the roman scupltors. They studied what the greeks did on their statues and tried to capture the same brillance on their own statues.
Literture, Language and Law
Rome was home of the greatest authors in ancient world. One great author was virgil he worte an great epic about the founding of rome named the Aeneid. Another good author was Ovid he wrote poems about roman mythology. The roman writiers produced histories, speeches,and dramas that are still enjoyed today. When in rome they wrote everything in latin but the other half of the empire used greek which was just as important. Most of the greek words came from the latin language. Example of some words are et cetera, circus, and veto. The latin language is also common in scientific terms and mottoes. The roman law wasnt forced across much of europe. Even through much of the empire fell the laws still remained to exist. The romans inspired a system called the civil law. The civil law is a legal systm based on written code of laws. Many countries in eupore still go by the roman civil laws.
Romes Accomplishments
Romes lasting achievements were made are science, engineering, architecture, and art. While they literary tradition and legal system remained influential today.
The romans took pride in their science, engineering, artitecture, art, literture, and language. They studied so much to make their society better and they borrowed most of there designs from the greeks.
Project by Aaliyah Highsmith Cyanne Clarno And Nevada Melton
This picture describes an example of how Galen helped the romans
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