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Recruitment Workshop #1

No description

Madelyn LaDow

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Recruitment Workshop #1

Alpha Omicron Pi
Recruitment Workshop #1 A- O- II Groups These groups will be used multiple times throughout the year. Please remember which group you are in! Group A E. Ziga
A. Tricker
A. Liang
A. Ubraszewski
C. Miser
L. Wlezien
J. Terry
M. Snider
E. Seaver
T. Nasta
A. Vogel
A. Winchester
B. Ormiston
E. Williams
M. O'Toole
A. Toporis
E. Diermer
D. Strzelecki
M. Lubben
A. Sharfestein
K. Lutomski
E. See
C. Lynch
M. Park
C. Merritt
M. Palka
S. Merugureddy
E. Pagel
K. Van Hulle
A. Newman
H. Harbison
M. Mudler
K. Harry
A. Warner
E. Hartman Group O Group II A. Lebowitz
C. Parker
N. Robinson
H. Sands
C. Francis
M. Hiss
G. Ferragut
M. Hoge
B. Feeney
M. Ingram
K. Reinagle
A. Javors
J. Reagin
P. Jones
A. Quintero
C. Kinney
C. Patton
K. Ngern
C. Kuehn
T. Dennis
C. Kurtel
S. Daniel
B. Cripe
V. Parker
J. coffer
B. Creech
S. Lawrence
B. Alperin
K. Laughlin
C. Ambriz
M. LaDow
S. Lai
H. Babusiak
A. Anton
B. Landreth
E. Walsh J. Parke
H. Henry
M. Moore
A. Weller
R. Morrow
A. Hauser
P. Hernandez
E. Hampton
C. Furmanek
L. Baert
A. Goujon
K. Barnett
E. Gorski
H. Brook
L. Campbell
K. Durchholz
K. George
S. Staun
E. Lecher
K. St. John
A. Casselman
J. Spencer
L. Cempellin
E. Sondgerath
K Dunham
S. Chung
L. Olia
L. Dulin
K. Olinger
J. Dimitrova
A. Olthoff
D. Asante-Appiah
R. Bowens
C. Ghattas Songs and Chant Alpha Omicron Pi Fashion..
Appropriate vs Inappropriate If you cannot make it to your group assigned event you must contact someone in a group other than yours and switch with them. Please e-mail aoiirecruitment@hotmail.com and standards 24 hours ahead of time with the situation and who will be switching places. Pin Attire GOOD Bad Initiation Good Bad COB By Laws I.Continuous Open Bidding
1.Continuous Open Bidding is the process of hosting any potential new member with the possibility of extending a bid.
2.Continuous Open Bidding begins in the fall semester after bids have been distributed and accepted at the conclusion of Formal Recruitment.
3.Continuous Open Bidding begins in the spring semester on the first day of classes, however all necessary paper work MUST be on file.
4.Continuous Open Bidding concludes on the last day of classes.
5.A chapter is eligible for Continuous Open Bidding if:
A.It does not meet Formal Recruitment Quota
B.The total number of chapter members, including newest members, does not equal 133
C.The chapter does not participate in Formal Recruitment
6.To participate in Continuous Open Bidding, a chapter must have a fully updated roster on file with Panhellenic.
7.Potential New Members are only eligible if they did not participate in Formal Recruitment or if they withdrew before signing the MRABA.
8.Each chapter participating in Continuous Open Bidding must have a representative present at each recruitment meeting held by the Director of Continuous Chapter Development.
A.Continuous Open Bidding Consent Form will confirm that the recruitment chair has read the bylaws. This form must be turned in before a chapter may hold any event for a potential new member.
B.A Continuous Open Bidding Acceptance Binding Agreement should be signed as soon as a woman accepts a bid. NPC chapters must turn in a COB Acceptance Binding Agreement for each new member within one (1) business day of signing. Failure to turn in this form on time will result in a $10 fine for each form turned in late.
10.Refer to Article II for eligibility of a Potential New Member.
11.If the above Bylaws are violated, it will result in an infraction notice by the Panhellenic Association.A.Violation of any of these bylaws is subject to punishment deemed appropriate by the Panhellenic Association and infraction notices will be presented to the offender in a timely manner. COB Schedule Wednesday, January 16
Group A and Selected Group II
Informative Meeting
in Matthews 304 from 6:30-8:30

Thursday, January 17
Group O and Selected Group II
Strike Out Arthritis at
The Union Bowling Alley from 8-10

Friday, January 18
Selected Group II
Orange Leaf Night at
Orange Leaf from 6:30-8:30

Tuesday, January 22
Voting on new members at
Chapter starting at 7

Friday, January 25
Bid Day for new members
location TBA from -8:30 PNMs will arrive 30 minutes after we meet! Please e-mail standard and recruitment about attendance to these events. If the girl asks... Love, Fun, and Loyalty (Tune: Row, Row, Row, Your Boat)

Love, fun, loyalty, all go hand in hand
When you are an A-O-II
Life is simply grant A-O-(cutie)-Pi (Tune: She'll Be Comin' Around The Mountain)

I'm an A-O A-O cutie Pi
(cutie Pi)
And I will be till the day, the day I die
(day I die)
I'm so proud, so proud about it
I can't help but shout it, shout it
I'm an A-O A-O cutie Pi A with an O A A A -with-an- O
O O O -with-a- Pi
A with an O
O with a Pi
A- O - Pi FOR COB: From the II group.. A Group O Group COB Attire Red, black, and white. Snappy casual! How many girls are you planning on extending bids to? What is your philanthropy? How much is AOII a semester? What is your favorite part about being an AOII? Why AOII? What about the parties, boys, and drinking? During our informal recruitment we are looking to fill 27 spots. Our philanthropy is strike out arthritis. We donate money to The Arthritis National Research Foundation to help find a cure to many types of arthritis. We also make pandas and donate them to children who suffer from juvenile arthritis. Some events that are held are bowling, softball and baseball tournaments, arthritis walks, and many more. AOII is based on friendship. We are all unique as individuals but bound together by th common bond of friendship. AOII offers so many opportunities to make a difference and be a leader. AOII sisterhood lasts a lifetime. We will discuss this during the presentation. Be honest! Give examples of your favorite moments. What do you think will make them want to join AOII? NO! Change the subject. What else to tell them.. Our color
Our stone
Our badge
Our flower
Our mascot
Our magazine
The sheaf of wheat L. Campbell
K. Durchholz
K. George
S. Staun
E. Lecher
K. St. John
A. Casselman
J. Spencer
L. Gerrity E. SondgerathK DunhamS. ChungL. OliaL. DulinK. OlingerJ. DimitrovaA. OlthoffD. Asante-Appiah Greetings Your entrance greeting should always be warm and friendly and you should have a genuine smile as you say it. As recruitment progresses, your greetings should become more “familiar”. Each time it should become more intimate and customized to make each potential member feel special and wanted. Event 1: Hello _________________, my name is ___________ Welcome to AOII! I’m so glad to meet you!

Event 2: Hello, __________, my name is __________I’m so happy to have you join us at AOII again! Or Hello, _______________, my name is _____________. I’ve heard so many great things about you and I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.

Event 3: Hello, ___________, my name is ___________. I am so glad you are here! I have heard so many great things about you. Examples Goodbyes Examples _______________(PNM), I didn’t even have a chance to introduce you to all of my sisters. Time just went by too fast! I’m so glad that we had a chance to meet! Bye!

______________(PNM), we had so much to talk about. I really enjoyed getting to meet you. Bye!

______________(PNM), how can I let you leave when we still have so much to talk about? We really enjoyed having you here today. SEE YOU TOMORROW!
Can’t wait for you to run to us on bid day.
We don’t think you would fit in here
So, do you think you are going to choose another sorority DO NOT SAY.. Be prepared to answer.. When will I find out how much it costs to be in a sorority?
What is a legacy?
Do you like being in a sorority?
Why did you choose AOII?
What activities does AOII participate in on campus (non-fraternal)?
What are my chances of getting in?
What does your philanthropy go towards?
Do you all party a lot?
What are the grade rules to be an AOII?
Do you have to live in the house when it is built?
What all do sorority dues go towards? DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT... DRINKING
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